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First Period Experience
Where were you when your first period started? How old were you? Did you talk to your mom, friends? What was your initial reaction? Retrospectively, could it have been different or more positive experience, and, if so, how?
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First Period Experience
The first was the best.
my first period was pretty uneventful. i was 12 1/2 and school had just ended about 2 weeks earlier [thankfully!]. both my mom and sis had started at 12, so i started carrying pads w/ me right after i turned 12 just to be prepared.

earlier that day i felt strange...had my first hot flash of sorts and felt crampy towards the end of the night [didn't realize they were cramps at the time]. a few hrs later [midnight], i got up to use the bathroom and saw one little drop of what i thought was blood. i tried calling my mom [who was asleep], and then called my older sister who confirmed it was my period. it didn't really do much until noon though and my mom showed me how to put on a pad. she had a much more subdued reaction than i expected [but still called everyone to tell them i'd started...yay lol]. what i remember most vividly was after my mom told my dad that i'd started and i went in to see him, he just held me and had a very sad face. [i'm the youngest, the daddy's girl of the family, so i think he had to face the fact that i was really growing up].

honestly, that first period was the "best" one i've had. it was the only one where i had no cramps [besides the few before i started]and it only lasted 2 days. i'd take that over the painful, 6-7 day ones i've had for the past 9.5 years lol.

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First Period Experience
age 8 when i started.
I started my period when i was 8. I was just getting out of PE and felt warm and crampy. Went to the bathroom and sure enough. I was scared and didn't want to tell anyone. I put what seemed like a roll of TP in my panties, and couldn't wait to get home. I remember telling my mom and her hugging me and feeling like death, thank goodness it was a Friday, and i have had horrible periods ever since. Clots, cramps, fatigue, breast pain, hot baths n tylenol were my friend. Only good thing about my periods i lose my appetite for a week or so..
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First Period Experience
Started at 10...
My period started in the middle of the night. Because I was half asleep, and knew what a period was, I wasn't scared. I just went and got my mum. She never gives emotional support for anything, so I didn't get any then, but she told me how to use pads and helped me clean up.

I still laugh at my naivete, though. That morning in school there had been a difficult maths test, and just afterwards, my first period cramps had started. I assumed that the mental effort had given me back aches! It wasn't an unreasonable leap, but still funny!

I wish there had been more sanitary bins in the school toilets (even though I now use reusable protection). It was horrible to have to wait to use the ones which had bins when other cubicles were free. I hated so much being marked out as different. In my head I was still a little girl like all the others. But this was the last year of primary school, I was the first to start, and only one other girl needed them by the end of the year.

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First Period Experience
Valentine's Day
I was 11 years old when I got my first period. It started on Valentines day of 97' which was a Friday, and I was home sick that day so I didn't get to enjoy my Valentines day party that year at school. I remember waking up and walking to the bathroom and when I sat down I noticed I had blood in my underwear. I was waiting to faint, but I never did. I had already had the talk with my Mom who explained everything, and I had seen the video at school that taught us about all that good stuff too. So I grabbed a pad which for some reason my Mom had the thicker ones on had at the time and I put it on. My mother did not find out about me starting until she found my underwear in the laundry. She then realized that's why I had been so quite the past few days. I don't know why, but I was quite the first few periods. Mom's reaction to me starting was why didn't you tell me? She was proud that I started though and she told me she wasn't going to be like her Mom and tell everyone in the world about it. We did then go out to the store and get some thin pads with wings and she told me they were much more comfortable then the ones I had on and to this day that's all I will use. I didn't wanna go back to school that Monday because I didn't want to take pads and have everyone know, so my Mom also showed me a trick to hide pads instead of sticking them in your back pocket. It made things a lot easier. I had a pretty okay first period, but I also had a really awesome Mom who talked to me about everything. I'll never forget Valentine's Day because it's gonna always be the anniversary of my first period.
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First Period Experience
How could I have been so Naive?
I was 12 when I started my period. I was at school too. Before it started that first time, I had known that there would be blood. So to me, being as naive about this kind of stuff as I was, I thought that bleeding meant that it would hurt (like it does when you get a cut and it bleeds, not when you get cramps). Anyways, when it did actually start, one of my friends that had already started her period, gave me a pad to put in my underwear. Fortunately, there wasn't much blood in my underwear when she gave the pad to me. Then, when I got home, my mom talked to me about what to do for my period. Thankfully, she's not that type of mom that goes and tells everyone that I started my period. She just knew that how I felt.
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First Period Experience
No Aunts welcome on the Holidays!
I was 11 years old with my parents at a Christmas party for my parents social group. I yelled through the bathroom door until my mom came in. I was horrified at this black tar in my underwear- I had no idea what it was! To make things worse, my mom had no time to explain it to me, she just said to wash it out in the sink, and she would be back. To make matters worse, that was also the first time that my mom allowed me to wear fake nails. I had to hog the bathroom for like an hour taking care of my issue. I was dying because I was sure that everyone had probably figured out by now what happened. My mom finally came back with the pads, and I was seriously p.o.'d at Aunt Flo.
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First Period Experience
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