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Men, Meet Menstruation!

Clearly many of us feel the same way: If the guys don't get it, they can't possibly get menstruation (Male Period Comprehension Poll)!

So, ladies , let's help men understand our monthly cycles a little better. What can you say to help men get it, even if a little bit? And, who knows? Maybe it'll lead to 1 less PMS/period joke told today?

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Posted by: omi on Aug 12, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

The Period World


the world of the period is not always easy. we have cramps, which means get me some pain medicine NOW or im gonna pull out my hair. Then there's the backaches and bloating that just makes a woman want to rest in her bed all day.

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Posted by: beckie76 on Jun 24, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

He doesn't get it, but his sympathy is wonderful to have!

I have been fortunate enough to find a man who, although he will never fully understand it, is very sympathetic. He knows it's natural and necessary. (Not to mention that he's glad when it comes because it means that, for another month, our birth control method is working!)

I think, however, that he is even more sensitive to it than most men. He has an accutely accurate sense of smell. He can smell it on me, which at first, embarassed me because I thought it grossed him out. He says it's a primal thing, it actually turns him on! (Not the idea of it, but he says the scent is "animalistic and primeaval". Go figure.)

He will rub my belly, rub my back, draw me a bath, and will even purchase supplies without blinking.

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Posted by: sunray on May 24, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

Men will NEVER understand, EVER!

1. "The gush" when you sit down, stand up, sneeze, laugh, or do absolutely nothing!

2. Always worried about when to change your protection, and finding spots.

3. Bloating so bad you can barely zip up your jeans or cover up your stomach which is the PITS in the summer b/c you cant throw extra layers on.

4. Gas!

5. After about the 3rd day, the smell even AFTER you've taken a shower!

6. Cramps so bad you feel like you can rip the door of a Mac truck off.

7. Riding the emotional rollercoaster, one minute happy, next minute ticked off over something so little (like knocking your pencil on the floor).

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Posted by: kimiko on May 21, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

Size of a Tampon

If Men got their periods they would brag about the size of their tampons ;)

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Posted by: Stressed on Apr 21, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

Men listen and learn


You were feeling great when you went to bed but in the morning you wake to find a spot or two. Great you think (not), the time is approaching when you will feel like you have been stamped on by a herd of elephants.

A few days later that feeling comes your stomach feels like it can't take anymore, your back feels like it will give up and your whole body feels like it has done the most strenuous excersise ever.

The next morning you wake to find it has arrived but the pain is still there and all you get is moaning because you should have put a towel on the bed. There is no support, just a pathetic "it's just a bit of blood, don't know why you are curling up like you are dying. "

You then spend the next 4 days in agony and having to go to the loo at least 10 times a day depending on the flow of things and then you have the most unjoyous job of changing your tampon which is shaped like a bullet whilst having a 4yr old knocking and asking why you are in there...

You feel tired all the time and crave food just like after a nght out boozing but it is constant and then you pile on the pounds.

Eventually it stops and you start to get back to normal, your pain has gone you have no more cravings (well except what you have missed in the bedroom department for that time) you lose the extra pounds you gained and then 28 days later it comes again.

Now men think yourselves lucky you really do get it easy in every single way.

So next time your partner is in pain and discomfort with her period give her a bit of tlc and you will gain a new form of respect from her and her friends.

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Posted by: souenc on Apr 9, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

men can not take this pain

i would like to see that bc i dont think a man could take all this menstruation pain!!

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