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First Period Experience

Where were you when your first period started? How old were you? Did you talk to your mom, friends? What was your initial reaction? Retrospectively, could it have been different or more positive experience, and, if so, how?

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Posted by: onecuteaggie on Apr 26, 2007
First Period Experience

i was 11...

I was about 11 when I started my period. It was a Sunday morning and I was getting ready for church. I was scared to tell my dad. So, I put some tissue in my panties. I told my cousin when I got to church and she told her mom and they took me to get sanitary napkins.

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Posted by: shygal1 on Apr 9, 2007
First Period Experience

not a clue

My first time i was 12 and it happened on april fools day. i went to the washroom. i pulled down my pants and just stared. it was a brownish color so i wasnt sure. i couldnt find the right time to tell my mom so i didnt. next month i went to school and it came again. we had a pad dispenser but the washroom was full and i was emmbarrased. i saw my friend in music class across the hall and waved. she asked to go to the washroom and she asked me what was wrong. i told her and she laughed...she had hers since grade five on the same day as me! she handed me her purse i went in and put on a pad till i could get home

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Posted by: charliesangel on Apr 6, 2007
First Period Experience

uninformed at 12

i was 12 when i started mine. i started right in the middle of science class as we were getting ready to go on a field trip. i was so scared bc my mom hadnt talked to me about it.

talk to your daughters, so they wont have the same scary experience.

i had no tampons or anything on me, i had to use toilet paper til i got home from school.


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Posted by: queensgirl412 on Apr 5, 2007
First Period Experience

I Was Shocked!!

My first period I got when I was 11 years old. I remember my mom woke me up to get ready to go to school, and I went to the bathroom and I compleatly freaked out!! There was so much blood in my underwear, I had no idea what happened. My mom never told me about this stuff because she thought I was too young to start [as she got her first period at the age of 15] but the only good thing about that was I got to stay home from school 2 days because off heavy bleeding and cramps. When your younger you can get away with that, now nobody really cares if your hurting you just gotta go on with

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Posted by: candycane on Mar 31, 2007
First Period Experience

1st period

I was 13 years old when I got my first monthly. i knew it was to be coming sometime soon given my age. So it came and I recognized it for what it was. I told my mom reluctantly. She was so excited! That just intensified my embarrassment because I was kind of disgusted with it. When we headed upstairs to get some "supplies" my mother was beaming with excitement and exclaimed very giddely: "Isn't this EXCITING!!??" I can still feel that embarrassing disgust that I felt back then when I picture that very moment when my mom was beside herself with excitement.

Later my mom told me about the way she informed my dad about my new womanhood. She apparently said to him: "Guess what!!!!?? Your daughter has become a young LADY today!!!" By this time I felt sick because it was all so overwhelming and my mom's excitement was so uncomfortable back then. I can laugh at it now of course.

Just when I thought the excitement had died down on my mother's part the next morning, when i was heading out to catch the bus to school she said, "You're going to school all grown up now." That seems like no big deal today, but back then it felt like she was rubbing it in and I just cringed.

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Posted by: italianprincess on Mar 30, 2007
First Period Experience

younger than most

i got my very first period 2 weeks shy of my 9th birthday.... sooo i was 8.... i didnt know what to do.. i yelled for my mom and when she came in. she looked at me stunned and then started cryin.. i still didnt understand then she told me what it was.. i was in complete shock. i had no idea you could get it at the young of an age..... so there i was. the only girl in the 4th grade to have my period.. i was embarressed but i felt like i was more mature than the other girls... now at the age of 23 im worried my daughter (who is almost 6) will get it at the same age.. only time will tell..

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