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Conception Frustrations?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: nicolewayne on Nov 6, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Really wanting a 2nd after using the Mirena but no luck yet!

Our son who is 2 1/2 was unplanned and a big surprise. After being engaged for 3 years we set a date for our wedding and 2 months after that and 2 months before the big day we found out we were expecting. We had used over the counter contraception and in the 6 years we were together we never had any problems. I guess we finally decided we may not be able to have children. I looked at it as a sign from God that we were truly meant to be married. After giving birth I used the shot for 6 months and gained weight from that I switched to the mirena. I was breastfeeding and having no periods and never had one after that. In July/08 I had the mirena removed and a period 1 1/2 weeks later, next period was on track and then the september one was 38 days from first day to first day. I have now not had one at all in October and going on 44 days w/o one. Have taken tons of pregnancy tests including early ones each cycle and they all come up neg. We are really wanting another baby but are having no luck. We haven't told anyone besides the Dr that we are trying as both families would be thrilled but would be asking everyday. They already ask when we are going to start trying and it has been getting me pretty worked up lately as we are having no luck. I keep thinking to myself that something is wrong with one of us. In particular me as my periods are totally messed up and not having much luck at all researching the mirena. Has anyone else ran into any problems with mirena? Or know of anthing that would be good info about conceiving after? I think it's hardest because we didn't try for the first one and my husband was the one who wanted to start trying again now. I keep worrying that this is going to start causing probs for me and my husband if it doesn't work soon. We try constantly and I try to keep it from being a job as it seems like sometimes. I have heard that stress, weight, uterine lining and much more can cause delay's. Please send your thoughts.

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Posted by: junesmum on Nov 2, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Given up.

June, my first, is 4 now. It was nothing. We decided to get pregnant and we did. Now, it's been 5 months and nothing. My period has gone crazy when they were always regular and nothing seems to be normal. My friend has been trying for a year and finally...pregnant...with twins. I am so happy for her, but secretly, I feel sad and hopeless. I have given up. We just don't use any form of contraception anymore and have a very healthy sex life. I try to track mucus, but it hasn't worked, I've tried ovulation tests, they don't work. I guess all that's left is BBT. I'm starting to think June is going to be an only.

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Posted by: crickle317 on Nov 1, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Trying for a baby and dealing with PCOS

My husband and I have been trying for a baby since Aug and we knew it was going to be hard because i have PCOS. So my doc said if i wasnt pregnant right now which i will find out here in a few days, I am keeping my fingers crossed! but if i am not he wants me to start taking Metformin on day one of my cycle and on day 3 start taking clomiphene at 50mg. If anybody out there has tried this method could you please tell me how well it worked and what to expect. This would be our first baby So i am hoping this will work


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Posted by: gypsyrose44 on Oct 25, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Early Frustration And Dealing With PCOS

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since April. I know it isn't that long of a time but its still frustrating. I have PCOS which means I can't ovulate on my own and need a little extra help. I have been on Prometrium for 3 months. My OB/GYN wants me to have 3 good periods and then I go on the Clomid.If anyone who has been on Clomid could give me some advice I would appreciate it. I'm so ready to have a baby. I have wanted one for so long and now that we decide its time, it doesn't seem like its going to happen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Clomid helps the 1st go around. I don't know how some women wait years it must be an awful feeling. My heart goes out to them because I've only been trying for a few months and I'm already discouraged. I pray I won't have to wait much longer for a precious baby.

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Posted by: BeeBee31 on Oct 20, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

When do you say Enough Is Enough?

This is the last shot, after this we give up, we quit trying and I guess just focus on trying to adopt. My Husband & I have been TTC for 3+ years. Infertility is the most Heartbreaking, Heartwrenching, terrible thing to go through. People who get pregnant easily and naturally of course don't understand what your going through, and come up with the most asinine "advice" on how to get pregnant, ranging from RELAX which makes me want to puke, to well just don't think about it, which makes me want to punch them in the face. They have no idea how every month is like a mini death. Every month when you get your period you feel like someone has died. Now I am on Clomid, and trying to be positive. It's my second and last round. I am having "adverse reactions" to the Clomid. Does the Dr tell me this the first go round? Nope, just get told, Oh you have 8 folicles! WOW, I think I hope that I get twins, and no more than that, because with the economy, Jeeze we can hardly afford the treatment much less having a litter, but oh no, oops we didn't discuss with you that your endometrial lining is too thin for implantation. So all that excitement all that ooh I finally ovulated, we're FINALLY going to get pregnant. NADA. on top of that my Grandmother passed away, and I was just holding on to the comforting thought that I was going to be pregnant and new life was starting when one was ending. Nope. Do I get sympathy from my DR? Nope. It's a racket, It's a means to an end for them. He'd driving a Carerra and I have a 10 year old car. Am I stupid to try for a kid, instead of buying a new car, going on vacations, being a happy childless person? Well for me I feel that someone is missing in my life, and I can't stand the thought of living my life childless. So I guess if this round goes fruitless we'll have to adopt, but I'll always mourn the fact that I lost out on having one of my own.

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Posted by: ashver21319 on Oct 18, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Why Must I Have To Be The One Who Has To Always Wait?

my mom and dad have 6 grandbabies and they all came from my brother who has a girl and sisters who my oldest sister has 2 boy's and my other sister has 2 boys and a girl, my man and I ttc is like pulling teeth.. We want to have a baby so bad and everywhere I turn there is a pregannt woman or a family pushing a baby in there stroller down the street, im on a 45 day cycle and it seems like Im never gonna have a baby.. how much longer do I have to try to have a baby? why does it hurt so much to see other people and there new babies? My mom asked me the other day when she's gonna get a grandbaby from me :( how am I to answer that question and not cry with a broken heart because I feel the same way, I ask the same question everyday!

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