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Conception Frustrations?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: blinkme94 on Apr 27, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

RE: Starting the Race

I am so sorry for your loss, a while back. Did you ever get a reason why? And now, you have been on it for FIVE months, and nothing? I am also just feeling like I am at a breaking point! Feeling like my husband and I will never get pregnant. Waiting TRULY is the hardest part!!

So can you please tell me about the Clomid a bit? Any side effects? Do you like/dislike it?

My husband and I have been trying since December to get pregnant, after being on the pill for 9 years, it seems to be taking FOREVER!! I am thinking about getting some sort of help, maybe to boost our luck. But I do not know any one that has been on Clomid before.

And I agree, seems like EVERYONE around you is getting pregnant when you are trying. Even my older sister, who has THREE kids already, has started the race with me...LOL. I am willing to bet she WILL win!

I wish you luck!

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Posted by: silywoman2 on Apr 22, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Starting the Race

I went to my doctor because I had irregular cycles, and she found that all my organs were fine that I just wasn't ovulating she started me on Clomid. I got pregnant the first cycle, but I lost the baby at 7 weeks.....since then I have not been able to get pregnant, but 5!!! of my coworkers have gotten pregnant. So I feel sad at the thought that I started the race, but I'm not going to be at the finish line so to speak.......

I just recently had a HSG done, and the doctor is upping my Clomid wish me luck!!

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Posted by: vanover on Apr 22, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Oh you're pregnant too??...great.

I feel like I am always seeing women pregnant around me...and co-workers becoming sad and frustrating.

We are starting Clomid and HCG shots in the near future....It's also so frustrating when friends/family say "It will happen-just give it time"....I cringe when anyone says this to me now.

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Posted by: ssledge on Apr 22, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

"I'm that person"

I'v been ttc for about a year, and what is frustrating to me is that I have two kids, its never been this hard for me to get pregnant. I alway's thinking "I'm not that person", that person who it takes this long to become pregnant. I want to go to a fertility dr but they are so expensive now of days. I always had an irregular cycle and I don't think that is the problem. I wonder sometimes if I even ovutlate every month or not. What really upsets me is that I have frieds around me who is getting pregnant and they don't even want to be. They just don't what a gift they have.

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Posted by: fooninie on Apr 21, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Another year without a baby!

I got pregnant with my daughter by surprise and now I am not getting preggers and we are trying. Every month I hope and am disappointed when I get my period. I will be starting the BBT method soon...hopefully that will prove more successful than the last year and a half.

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Posted by: frustratedsun on Apr 20, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

tired of pregenancy tests

it feels really good to see that i am not the only one going through these frustrating ordeals. i was pregnant in october 2006 but at my first ultrasound at 12 weeks i found out that i had a sack but NO baby. i was devastated and very confused, the dictors consoled me by saying that there isn't anything wrong and these type of things just happens, and i should feel good in knoowing that there is npthing wrong. that was january of 2007, and i have yet to been able to conceive. i track my cycles, check for ovulation, and still nothing! my husband has a nine year old child from a previous relationship so i don't think it's him. i am tired of buying pregnancy tests. for the past few months i've been 14 days late, so each time i cross my fingers thinking this might be the time, but i am always disappointed. is there anyone else out there who wants to jump out the window when there period begins???!!! i want to go to and find out if there's something wrong from fertility specialist but i am soooo afraid of what they may say. please pray for me.

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