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Conception Frustrations?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: 3boys0girls on Mar 29, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

I'll keep trying to get my girl!!!

Me and my fiance have been trying for a while now and nothing is happening. We currently have 3 beautiful boys, but we would like to add a daughter to our football team. My period was 4 days late this month, but I got a Big Fat Negative. We are considering FD, but I don't know. Don't get my wrong, I thank God for my boys, but I just really need a shopping partner!! ;)

For all the people who are still trying I just wanna say stay strong and keep trying. Even though you might get a Big Fat Negative, just think of the day when you get a Big Fat Positive and that will help you to hang on. Good luck to all and God Bless!!!

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Posted by: Juststarting on Mar 27, 2008
Conception Frustrations?


I am 37 and just married 3 months ago and we have decide from the start to see if we can get pregnant. My husband sometimes has some performance issues. He keeps saying he needs pills to help him but I think that he is too young (37 too). Not to mention that he is fairly overweight. Does any of that have bearing on getting pregnant?? Also, what type doctor does he go to to check on his sperm?? We have decided in month 4 he would get a full check up.

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Posted by: faith07 on Mar 27, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

Never knew it can be so tough

Well, I never knew that getting pregnant can be so tough! i have a 3yr old toddler and suffered a pre-molar preg (miscarriage) in nov 07... both pregnancies were spot-on! Just after one try (my hubby and I are not all too 'diligent' i guess)... but God bless. We strike the jackpot twice.

I thought then getting pregnant can be easy for me since my menses are usually on time, and we are both of good health. Been trying for a year since and I hate it when I see red. It crush me every time!!!

As of today, I'm 4-days late, and I thought chances are good since I'm usually punctual. Tested. Negative. So upsetting. I feel like giving up really. How I wish I can give my toddler a younger sibling. He's such a sweet darling and has been telling me that he wants a baby. Felt like a total failure to keep disappointing him.


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Posted by: nhutchens on Mar 21, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

TTC 2 Years

I'm 30 years old, been married for 5 years, TTC for a little over 2 years now. Always thought I'd have atleast 1 kid by the time I was 30, and exspected to have 2 before 35. Doesn't look like that's gonna happen. I'll be happy with 1 biological child at this point.

Recently started seeing RE. Periods normal, Ovulation predictors come back positive every month, Semen Analysis Ok, Post Coaital OK, No cysts - polyps or fibroids ... Missed HSG for 2 months (1st month I had flu, second month doctor on vacation). We use to shrug when people asked us when we would have kids - Now we tell them the truth. It saves us from hearing the same question over and over ... Makes things a little easier.

The worst advise I've been given is "You're trying too hard, relax". In my opinion, when battleing infertility - there is no such thing as trying too hard. People that haven't experianced infertility, don't understand the emotional toll it takes on you as a couple - and also as an individual.

I know a girl who's a drug user & an alcoholic. She's 22 and has had 7 kids by 7 differant men. She hasn't taken care of herself or any of the children before or after they were born (all children are with their fathers). She doesn't work and has never even had a drivers license. She's pregnant again now. I could say it isn't fair... but I just keep thinking of the blessings she's thrown away.

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Posted by: Hoping2Be on Mar 18, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

3 years and counting....

my husband and i have been married for going on 3 years, the first 2, we werent trying to get pregnant, but not trying to get pregnant, and left it up to fate. Now going on our 3rd year, we decided to get checked, and we are both fine. My biggest frustration is people around me, those especially not wanting children, getting pregnant. i got pregnant and miscarried in Dec 2007. And now we are doing the ovulation kits, and Im sleeping with my pelvis in the air(on a pillow) and I am beginning to feel lost, depressed, and like the miracle ive been waiting on since i was a kid, is NEVER going to happen. I have PCOS and I am overweight. What can I do to have a healthy conception, and in 9 mos, have a healthy baby!

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Posted by: ricki78 on Mar 16, 2008
Conception Frustrations?

baby #3

I have two boys 8 and 2 i had a misscarraige last april and had to have another dandc late and i have been trying to conceive again ever since. my husband is 38 and i wanted to aleast be pregnant by my birthday in july. well our anniversary is coming on march 30 so maybe just maybe but you know some times it can be so disappointing when you get that red if you know what i mean so just pray for my family and i will keep all of you in mine thanks for listening

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