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Conception Frustrations?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: BwantsABaby on Oct 9, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Frustation Overdrive!

We've been trying for 16 months now. The first month we got pregnant and 3 weeks later miscarried. I was diagnosised with PCOS(poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) 4 months ago now. So, I have had the laproscopic surgery to clean up the cysts. I am on Glumetza 1500mg a day. The dr has cut carbs out of my life because they affect the insulin resistance of my ovaries. So, bonus I lost that extra 10 pounds I'd been carrying around. My husband has perfect numbers on his sperm analysis. I had dye shot through my fallopian tubes to make sure no blockage..there were none. Last cycles I started Clomide 50mg...on the 14th day of my cycle the ultrasound showed I had produced two healthy follicles, just waiting to be fertilized. And now I wait.

I want to believe that I'm not going crazy, but 3 days til a pregnancy test will tell me if it worked and I am terrified I will be disappointed for the trillionth time. Friends send ultrasound pictures. His mother telling me how after her first pregnancy she had to have a hystorectomy and she sure hopes that doesn't happen to me, but just in case here are some adoption brochures. Just the needling of everyone. I told my dr last week how I was feeling and he told me that the feelings of jealousy and pure frustration are normal. But I don't feel normal. I'm trying so hard to stay positive. I have to laugh when I see other people who have tried a month or 2 and are already frustrated. The road just feels like it's getting longer for me. I've been poked and prodded by doctor after doctor. But in 72 hours I will know if the road ends here for me. Good luck to all the ladies who put their heart and soul into having a perfect little gift.

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Posted by: HopefullAshley on Oct 9, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Everyone but me

My husband and I have been ttc for 6 months now and I get so frustrated when another person tells me they are pregnant....I have 6 out of 10 girls I work with pregnant my 2 sister-in-laws and my bestfriend...I mean if its in the water I must be drinking the bad stuff LOL I just ask myself everyday is there a reason I am not pregnant...maybe I am not supposed to have kids?....then I remind myself that everything comes in time so keep your fingers crossed this month ladies cuz its the big O day today :)

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Posted by: oralia on Oct 6, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

lori married, 25yrs old, scorpio,

i know exactly how you feel my both my sister in laws are pregnant. one of which just recently got the news. the other is having hers next month. my husband and i have been trying for seven months and i too feel defeated. just hang in there it will happen soon.

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Posted by: mrsjohnson72107 on Oct 3, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Trying to do something...

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 3 months... It is so frustrating. We both have expressed to each other that we want to have a baby. I only wish it would come sooner. Every month since we have statred trying and I get my period. It like defeat knocking on my door. I only pray that it happens soon.

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Posted by: Cookie7 on Oct 2, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Watching and waiting

I hear what everyone is saying on here. All us girls worry so much about getting pregnant by accident, take bc religiously and worry...then we go off it and think I'll get pregnant right away. My husband and I have not been trying very long, but we are the last ones in the family to get pregnant...everyone I know got pregnant right after going off the pill (sometimes within a week!). I just feel like everyone is watching us and waiting. I wish we hadn't told everyone we were trying. I put enough pressure on myself. It is hard to relax and just let it happen when I do want a baby so badly. All I can do is pray I suppose. One of my good friends is pregnant with her first now, and my cousin just had a new baby. So we'll cross our fingers...maybe I won't get a visit from AF on Monday...

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Posted by: shadowangel82 on Sep 26, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

trying to get pregnant

having a miscarriage makes it even harder, having the happiness then it being taken away. then fighting to get it back is frustrating

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