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Conception Frustrations II?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: oliver on Feb 22, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

When will it be my turn?

Every month I hope that "this will be the month I get the BFP" but then I have AF. My husband and I have been trying since May of 2009. I had a miscarriage on the first week of Oct. 2009 (early on at 6 weeks), and since then I have been so hopeful that we will conceive again. We do not have any kids, but my husband and I desperately want to have a baby. I just wish I could be so lucky, it is so hard when everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant, and I can't! I track my periods and ovulation, I don't know what else to do...

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Posted by: Wanting1stbaby on Feb 18, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

The unwanted monthly AF

Well the unwanted AF arrived today on time but i am so sad i was so sure i was pg as there were so many things this last week that were not normal! I was dizzy, cramping, had a headache every day, spots, really tired etc.
Tomorrow we go to the Dr for test results and for both of us which we can only hope will be ok!
GL&BD to all

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Posted by: srkholmes on Feb 18, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

TTC and periods getting later when normally clockwork

I am getting more frustrated as the months pass and I am really trying not to!! Me and my husband have been TTC since September 2009, so I know in the grand scheme of things not as long as some people. I havent been on birth control so don't have that to hold me up & my periods are (were) as regular as clockwork! That is until the last 3 months where I have been late, last month being the worst as I was a week late to the day!! My friend even talked me into doing a pregnancy test, which I had decided I was never going to do until I was a week late, negative obviously & came on next day!
The main thing that is frustrating me is my periods, I keep telling myself its a good sign & must be my body adjusting, hopefully.
We are trying about 3 times a week, trying to work on the every other day basis! My best friend has PCOS, and after over 2yrs of TTC found out she was pregnant in Nov, so I know all the advice the docs told her while TTC.
Any way keeping fingers crossed maybe this month, 1 day late (!), but obviously not getting hopes up to much!

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Posted by: memars22 on Feb 10, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

everyone around me IS PREGNANT

it's funny the way the discription to this blog stated "everyone around you seems to be pregnant" well with me it's true. my mother has 8 brothers/sisters and each one of them has a kid that had a baby in the last 4 months, even my little sister just had her baby in october. 8 babys in my family, can that be possible?? i've been staying away from family gatherings (being hispanic, that's very hard to do) when i'm invited i just tell them "i have to work that day, sorry." but what i really want to do is yell "I CANT STAND BEING THERE WITH ALL THOSE BABYS" I have been married for 5 yrs; i've been seeing a R.E. since september 09 but before that my OBGYN has been treating me. i guess i've really been ttc for 2 years. i have hypothyroid, insulin resistance, and PCOS. i've tried clomid 3 times when i was getting treatment with my OB; now my R.E. ordered it for my for this cycle. i am extreamly frustrated with this situation.

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Posted by: 23andtrying on Feb 8, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Doctor's Orders

I have epilipsy and my neurologist informed me a year ago that if my hubby and i want kids, we need to start now. well as you guessed, we have been trying with no success :( i was regular and apparently the stress of it all made me irregular b/c i am all over the charts these days... we have been trying every other day like my physician reccommended (no complaints from the hubby there), however nothing is working. any thoughts or ideas?

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Posted by: whitneychase on Feb 7, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

baby crazy

Dec. of 07 I had a very early on misscarriage. Since then, we have been ttc. Also, since the misscarriage i have been trackin my period and my cervical fluid. Nothin has happened yet. I jus recently started using ovulation strips and am hoping that that will be the ticket. But does anyone else have any tips? Unfortunatley my insurance does not cover fertility treatments. Any ideas????

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