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Conception Frustrations II?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: stayingpositive on Jan 8, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?


We ttc for 2 years with no luck. I refuse to be the woman everyone feels sorry for. I got back on birth control to take back the control over my life and my emotions. I'm finding a new peace, a calm happiness.

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Posted by: ak1derwoman on Jan 8, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

pregnancy issues

Does anyone have any advice? I have had four miscarriages all within a couple of years. I now can't seem to get pregnant, it's been a year since the last miscarriage. The doctors haven't seem to find anything wrong with me, they want to test my husband and he won't go. I think he doesn't want to be told that there is something wrong. Plus I can't figure out when I am ovulating because my cycles are always changing. please if you have any advice it would be helpfull.

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Posted by: Alise on Jan 7, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Getting really sad about all of this

So I don't know what to think. I have had these terrible cramps, some spotting and temp elevations for the past 2weeks. But I don't know I think I am in for a disappointment tomorrow when my AF is due to come.

My Partner and I have been trying for a really long time and nothing seems to be wrong with us from a medical standpoint. I don't want to lose hope but I think I am. We just wnat this so bad. I don't want to test early because I don't want to see a BFN. Well enough boohooing. Thanks for reading my vent.

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Posted by: EJTTC on Jan 7, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Struggling to pinpoint ovulation - help!

I'm really struggling to work out when I ovulate.

I have cycles that are mainly 28 to 30 days, but I'll have the odd 32/33 day cycle or even 26/27 day cycle, which makes charting hard.

I also don't get consistent EWCM. Some months it's clearly there and abundant for 3-4 days. Other months I just get a few "gloops" and they are more yellowy in colour whilst still being EW consistency.

Due to irregular cycle lengths, ovulation can take place anywhere from CD13 to CD19 by my reckoning.

This makes it really hard to work out when to BD for conception.

My partner and I have been together a long time, so BD isn't as frequent as it used to be due to hectic life schedules, so we're trying to time it. I know we probably should just BD every other day from CD12 to CD20, but we can't seem to manage it!

This month I've bought an OPK, but I'm finding it hard to read. Starting testing on CD10 and had clear negative results until today, which is CD15, when I saw the normal control line and a light test line. The instructions don't make it clear whether or not this means I'm about to ovulate.

Charting via mymonthlycycles reckons I'll ovulate on CD17, so I know we should be BDing like crazy. Unfortunately I'm getting a lot of "not in the mood" from DH (we did BD yesterday though....)

Just think if I could pinpoint ovulation it would be easier to get DH to BD on the right day!

Any tips ladies?


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Posted by: pinkish12 on Jan 5, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Teen Mom?

Has anybody seen the new tv show "Teen Mom"? I watch it and can't help but want to somehow find these girls and say like "if you don't want to take care of your baby just hand it over"? I just feel like how is it that these people/kids that don't want to have babies get pregnant like it was nothing and here I am, never done anything to anyone and I couldn't get pregnant no matter what I try. It's just really frustrating and some of them act as though it's a terrible burden when I would die to have their problems. Aaarrrrgg! :)

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Posted by: sweetsnspice on Jan 5, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

how hard it is to conceive

Yesterdary I had a Endometrial Biopsy done, that is just one the test that has done to me. I have had 2 HSG, Hysterscope, and now the biobsy. I have been ttc for more than 6 years now. The first time I got preg It was a tubal preg, I had my R tube removed. I also suffer from irregular periods a 28-38 Cycle. I am on my 3rd Doctor to determine the cause of my infertility. Yesterday I had a breakdown! I cried all day after the procedure. My husband has problems as well. He has prostaitis, with low motility, and some immature sperm. I am so stressed out already, why is it so hard for me. Some woman get preg without trying like a friend of mine that she got preg 4x and those 4x she got an abortion. Where I see people I know that they preg year after year. I'm 26 I keep trying and nothing. I am so frustrated.:(

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