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When do you take a pregnancy test?
At what point during your cycle do you take a pregnancy test? If you are trying to conceive do you wait the Two Week Wait, or do you start testing earlier? Or, if you're not trying to conceive, how late are you when you start testing?

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Hate to POAS!

Posted by: LucyLocket on Thu Jul 12, 2007

I HATE the POAS process - hate everything about it. In the store buying it I feel like everyone is looking at me and KNOWS that I am just kidding myself. I never know when to do them because my monthly "cycle" (not much of a cycle - more of a mess) has ranged from 33 to 44 days in the last 7 months! Still sometimes I just can't help myself and I end up disappointed again. Currently on CD43 and have already done two (both BFN needless to say). Did an OPK which said I was due to ovulate around CD19 which means I either didn't ovulate at all or I have some kind of super-human luteal phase. Then again maybe both tests were wrong and I am PG...who am I kidding!!!!

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