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Worst Aunt Flo Show Time
Did Auntie Flo ever show at the worst possible moment? When, where...?

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A day to remember in the front pew of church!

Posted by: momof3boys on Mon Sep 10, 2007

Well, I was 5 weeks postpartum on the day my third son was baptised. I had already been bleeding so I was "protected" or so I thought. I had a black long skirt on (thank goodness). So, our precious baby gets baptised and we are at the front of the pew with another set of parents and everything is going fine. We go back (we are in the VERY FRONT pew)to our seats and continue the service. It is now time to take communion, so we go up there and on our way back to our seats, my husband sees this huge bright red spot on the front pew...I had bled through everything and everyone walking back to their seats could easily see this enormous blood stain on the church pew...including the pastor! I was horrified. Very embarassing. Luckily I was surrounded with wonderful people and they all helped clean it up and get me all set. That is a memory I won't forget :)

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