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Contraceptive Choices
From condoms to cervical caps to hormonal rings, patches, and many types of birth control pills, today we have so many contraception options from which to choose!

What birth control do you use? What are your birth control's pros? Its cons? Are you thinking of switching to something else?

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Posted by: mumlol on Tue Sep 11, 2007

i was on depo injection for 16 months got on with it ok but i didn't get any periods pretty much straight away.

however we decided when our son was 17 months to start trying for that brother or sister however it took 7 months for my peroids to return.

they were then very erratic sometimes going as long as 45 days between each one. by a year with no success i went to see my gp she sent me for blood tests which confirmed that i was not ovulating. i was then reffered to my local gynacology dept and told that 18months was not unusual for the injection to get out of my system they took 4 blood tests over the next 2 months all coming back the same not ovulating. i went back last week and was told to have a final blood test if i'm not ovulating then they will give me tablets to boost ovulation.

however my son will be three in a months time and i wanted to have had my second baby by now.

i have had to sit back and watch all my other friends have there baby's and only wish it could be me!!!!!

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