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You, TTC, and Your Partner
Your Trying to Conceive partner is, of course, there physically. Is he also emotionally supportive, especially if you get a BFN when you hoped this would be the month? Is he open to on-going TTC related talk when you want/need it?

wait until you're "financially stable" & it'll never happen.

Posted by: rablamb on Sun Feb 10, 2008
Unfortunately, I do not have any advice to give; I'm in the same position! My husband and I have been married nearly 10 months (together nearly SIX years); we both have great-paying jobs, as well. I'm an LPN, but working on my RN, and he is adamant about waiting until I'm completely finished with school & take boards for licensure (I've got about a year until finished) before we even start TTC!!!!!
SO, I just don't talk about it anymore! I know it seems sneaky and COMPLETELY wrong to do, but he doesn't keep up with my periods & he definitely doesn't know when I'm ovulating... Seriously??... What man gives of sex when it's offered?!?! We don't have as much sex as a couple should when TTC because I work long hours during the day, and he works nights 3-4 times a week, so sometimes we actually meet at the door on our ways to/from work. So I try (very hard) to not see it as "tricking" him!
Good luck to you, though... just remember, if you wait until you're "financially stable", it'll never happen, but you can always be sneaky. :)
Don't necessarily "try"... just don't "prevent"!
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