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You, TTC, and Your Partner
Your Trying to Conceive partner is, of course, there physically. Is he also emotionally supportive, especially if you get a BFN when you hoped this would be the month? Is he open to on-going TTC related talk when you want/need it?

TTC going on 6 months

Posted by: keishas77 on Wed Mar 26, 2008
My husband and I have been TTC for about 6 months now and still nothing. He's not too worried because he is 23 and I'm 30 so he doesn't see the rush. I know it may be early but I wanted to have him tested just to make sure everything is OK with him and if it is then we can focus on me, however the doctors won't see us until we've been trying a year. I was thinking of doing the Male Home test (Fertell). Any thoughts on that?

He doesn't seem to want to talk in detail about trying as the way he sees it, it will happen when it's supposed to. I was doing ovulation kits and everythig but for some reason I never had the FSH surge but I know I ovulate based on my periods. It has been disheartening since I was two days late and then I got a BFN when I was hoping this would have been the month. I guess it's another month of trying again. I'm wondering if I'm trying too hard.

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