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I don't like my period! - What do you dislike most about your period? Is it the cramps? Bloating & Water Retention? Feminine protection hassles? Something else? What comes next on your dislike period list?
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I absolutely hate my period! It almost kills me and sometimes I feel like I'm going to be the first lady to die from having her period. I cry, I vomit, I cramp, my knees hurt, my back aches, my stomach hurts and my breasts swell. If there are any other symptoms of menstrual cycle, I probably have them too. My ex-boyfriend used to tell me; "I know how you feel, it's okay." Uhm, you don't know how it feels to bleed for 7 to 10 days! I have to use tampons, otherwise, I feel like the pad is going to overflow and become a mess, plus they feel like diapers. But then when I have my light days, even a light tampon kinda hurts. I'm so sick of having my period and nothing helps! I want kids so I can't have my ovaries removed. What else should I do?
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