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Worst Aunt Flo Show Time
Did Auntie Flo ever show at the worst possible moment? When, where...?

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Aunt Flo seems to love crashing honeymoons!

Posted by: smuscie on Wed Aug 20, 2008

As is the case with a lot of you, my Aunt Flo decided to crash my honeymoon. Rude! lol. Anyway, we had JUST gotten married (I'm talking like hours before) and there comes Aunt Flo marching in like she owns the place! Grrrr!

The upside is that despite having my period I got pregnant. We weren't even trying and thought a period was enough birth control (plus you other military wives know what it's like when your man has just gotten home and needs some loving and birth control slips your mind..."its just one time and its been so long" lol). So even though Aunt Flo and her crampy mess showed up uninvited, at least I got the last laugh and a precious baby girl!

Anyone else with endometriosis? I tend to get extremely nauseous when I get my period because of it and ended up throwing up on my husband. He still teases me about it!

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