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Worst Aunt Flo Show Time
Did Auntie Flo ever show at the worst possible moment? When, where...?

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Pads do not feel like diapers

Posted by: wcmommy on Sat Feb 24, 2007

My worst Aunt Flo visit would have been about a year ago. My husband and I took our children to my parents cabin to show off out newest daughter. As I was still breastfeeding as I did our other children, I never expected my period to return until I finished nursing, as had been the past practice.

After a six hour journey to their cabin, I was just getting out of our car when I felt something a little strange. Once in the cabin, I went to check things out, and my suspicion was correct that my period had started.

I checked my purse hoping to find a pad without any luck. Go figure, why would I keep them in my purse throughout my pregnancy. Although I knew that my mom had already went through menopause, out of desperation, I asked her if she had any pads around. Again, no surprise in her answer, no. I knew that I was in trouble. My flow had always been heavy. There was no way that I could use wads of toilet paper for three days and we were miles from any store.

For sometime after I asked my mom, I knew that she was thinking of something. Finally, she called me to her bedroom and said that although she has no sanitary pads, she has something that would work, although I probably would not really like them.

She went on to explain that after some surgery, she had a problem with incontinence and still had some adult diapers left. She said that if I want, that I could use them. With no other real choice, I reluctantly accepted her offer. This had to be one of the most embarrassing weekends I ever had. I am sure that everyone either heard the plastic rustling or noticed the bulk under my shorts. The only benefit was I did not have to worry about leakage.

I learnt a valuable lesson. ALWAYS keep your purse full of sanitary protection.

Trust me, despite what the tampon commercials say, NO sanitary pad feels like a diaper.

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