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Contraceptive Choices
From condoms to cervical caps to hormonal rings, patches, and many types of birth control pills, today we have so many contraception options from which to choose!

What birth control do you use? What are your birth control's pros? Its cons? Are you thinking of switching to something else?

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I <3 my IUD

Posted by: hazelcat on Tue Feb 27, 2007

I'm 21 years old, have had no children/have never been pregnant and I have a copper IUD (Intra-Uterine Device).

It is an amazing little thing that sits in my uterus and stops me getting pregnant (hoooorays!!!). It contains no hormones and works by making my uterus an inhospitable place for sperm by thickening mucous and making my womb lining less likely to accept an egg.

I love having an IUD because mine will last for 5 years, i don't have to remember to take pills, it contains no hormones, basically i don't have to think about it (apart from checking for the strings monthly).

Oh yeah, if you're in a country where you have to pay for contraceptives they are cheaper than 5 years of pills.

It was painful to have it inserted, can make your cramps and flow heavier and it does not protect you from STIs.

For me the pros far outweigh the cons, and i've had no changes in the length or severity of my periods.

So, if you're thinking about trying something new, why not ask about an IUD! :D

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