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TTC After M/C
Are you trying to conceive after one or more miscarriages? How long did you (or will you) wait until TTC again? Who or what has been helpful to you during your difficult time: faith, the support of your partner/friends/families (or did you find them unable to relate?), others who you now found out also m/c'd...

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Ready TTC, but not sure my body is..

Posted by: cjx on Fri Oct 16, 2009

I had M/C on the 8.9.09 at 12 weeks, and yes we are ready TTC this is our second M/C we had 1 at 12 weeks last march 08...I need to ask a question after our 1st M/C we had a D/C so had a period like normal, this time it was all natural (if its ever natural to loose a baby at all) over a seven day period...since then ive had blood test to check H levels which were coming down I had a cple of scans to check loss, at the final scan we were told their ws a little fluid which we saw on the screen....I was asked to a pg test which was negative two weeks ago, but i have not yet had a period not even a not sure whats happening, if any 1 has any idea how long it takes to resume a cycle after a M/C i would appreciate any thoughts..cj

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