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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
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PCOS - Possible conception/implantation bleeding

Posted by: WeeWifey on Thu Nov 12, 2009

After being diagnosed with PCOS in August '09, my husband and I have continued to battle on with our mission to conceive our first child. I have adapted my diet to cut out mainly carbs, and have been eating a lot more stable/fresh chicken etc (as suggested for many PCOS sufferers)for just over a month now. I have also joined the gym, and aim to go 2-3 times a week - with the hope that these changes will make our chances of conception a lot higher!

I tried using Ovulation Predictor kits this month, however, they did not pick up any sign of my ovulation. This may well be the case, that I did not ovulate this month, however, I found out recently that OPK's are not "PCOS friendly" as they are based on hormonal readings. Disheartened, I stopped using them.

*Predicted ovulation on MyMonthlyCycle: Mon 2nd November

*Predicted next period on MyMonthlyClyde: Mon 16th November

(33 day cycle)

As above, my ovulation was predicted for Mon 2nd November and my period is predicted to come on the Mon 16th November. My husband and I have had regular(nearly daily)sex all this month, in the hope to catch ovulation.

On the 5th (3 days after my predicted ovulation), I got, what I can only guess was spot bleeding, a dark/brown red bleed that showed on and off for 1 day . Could this be implantation bleeding?

Aunt flow is due to arrive on Monday 16th November, I am trying to hold off until then, to see if she shows, and if not I will take a pregnancy test.

Other symptoms I have been feeling recently:

*Abdomen bloating (this could just be due to my dietary change ..)

*Nausea (this could be the sign of a cold/flu coming on or even stress factor ..)

*Slight abdomen pain/PMS pains - mainly on my left side (this could be because Aunt flow is due or be my PCOS ...)

*Recently getting regular headaches


Any advice/opinions are greatly appreciated.

Take care,


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