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Cycle Perplexities
Is your cycle misbehaving? Like your usual N-day menstrual cycle is all of a sudden longer or shorter, or you're spotting where AF should be here in full force, or PMS symptoms but no sign of AF? And has it got you thinking (...pregnant?), or generally confused or stressed or time to call the OB/Gyn? CycleView your cycle!

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What is considered the first day of AF?

Posted by: dayna on Thu Nov 19, 2009

I have heard two different stories now: 1. The first day of spotting if the spotting is red and not brown is considered the first day of AF and 2. The first day of regular, red flow. I spotted for almost four days before my first day of flow at the beginning of my current cycle but my first day was heavy and it is usually light. My mom said her dr told her to count the first day of spotting as AF another site said the first day of regular flow is AF. Now I am confused....Does anyone know which is right?

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