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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Pregnant or AF on way?

Posted by: EJTTC on Fri Nov 20, 2009

This is our 1st cycle TTC so I'm very new to all this and I'm probably looking for signs that I wouldn't have done before.

I'm on CD 28. My usual PMT symptoms would be mainly a lot of irritability/crying and massively increased appetite. I don't have either of these. However I do have swollen & sore breasts (more so than usual), increased sensitivity to aromas, need to go to loo more at night, and my cervix position is higher than usual.

So, I was thinking, could I be pregnant?

But then today whilst checking my cervix I found a few spots of blood around the cervix. This is very red and not like my usual pre-period spotting (which is generally icky brown in colour), but it's really too late to be implantation bleeding given that I ovulate around day 15/16.

I don't dare do a test cos I don't wanna be disappointed.

What does anyone else think?

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