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When do you take a pregnancy test?
At what point during your cycle do you take a pregnancy test? If you are trying to conceive do you wait the Two Week Wait, or do you start testing earlier? Or, if you're not trying to conceive, how late are you when you start testing?

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Posted by: hopingsoon on Wed Dec 16, 2009

Well usually I have a period every 45 days or so. But right now i'm like a week and a half late and still nothing. I was having pretty bad cramps last week like I was having a period with out the actually period no spotting,discharge nothing. Lately I have been having heartburn and some nausea. After four tests though I still have all BFN. Has anyone ever had a preg test show negative that late after thier period? If so how long after your period until you actually got your BFP? Is it possible for me to be pregnant?

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