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Worst Aunt Flo Show Time
Did Auntie Flo ever show at the worst possible moment? When, where...?

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AF showed up at the worst possible time!

Posted by: Natty1983 on Fri Mar 23, 2007

AF was due the week before my wedding, and was suppose to be gone the day before my wedding. Well AF didn't show up at all UNTIL I was on the plane on my way to our honeymoon destination, and didn't have ANYTHING on me. I was wearing light colored capri pants, and luckily had a sweater to tie around my waist.. It was totally embarassing! The worst part was that it doesn't usually start heavy but because of the pressure in the cabin it came on with a vengeance. I ALWAYS have something in my purse incase AF shows up while I'm out, however with the ban on alot of liquid items like purell and tide pens etc, I cleaned out my purse the night before we left and forgot to put female items back in!! Oops.. Won't ever happen again!!!

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