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Anyone in my TTC phase?
Where are you right now in your fertility cycle? Follicular Phase (pre-ovulation)? Ovulation/Fertile Days? Two Week Wait (a.k.a. Luteal Phase)? Or dealing with AF's un-wanted arrival? Cycleview your TTC phase, see who's in your cycle boat.

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Junee's Back! TTC 7 months, taken Provera...

Posted by: Junee on Thu Jun 24, 2010

It's been a while since I posted, sorry guys!


25 yrs old

TTC since November 2009

On pill from October 2004-November 2009

Married, with 5 yr old daughter

Had cycle irregularities, popssible early miscarriage in April, and doctor put me on Provera in May.


I've taken two cycles of Provera. The first time was May 3rd, and I took it for the 10 days, and didn't start my period until 12 days after I finished the medicine. (A total of 22 days from the start of the medicine.) That period lasted 7 days, and I began my second dose of Provera June 3rd. This time, however, I started my period on the 9th day of the medicine! So 13 days sooner than I did the previous cycle. I don't know how on earth that was supposed to regulate my cycle, when it actually made me have a 17 day cycle. GRR.

Now my husbands insurance is temproarily discontinued from his lay-off. So I can't get on a third dose of the Provera or start Clomid. I can't even get my regualr PAP until about August or September which is a few months later than I had it scheudled. So for now, I am hoping Mother Nature will take her stand and maybe taking the Provera at least got me to where I know I am ovulating regularly. I haven't been charting anything except for my period days, and I noted my CM the past 3 days b/c it has been EWCM and Creamy. The prediction says my frtile days start tomorrow, and ovulation is expected the 28th. However, I am thinking it's sooner than that judging by the change in my CM the last few days. Hoepfully we can get it right on our own before August or September!! How is everyone else? I haven't been on here in a couple months!

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