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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: ljfroggy on Sun Aug 29, 2010

So, I'm not sure where to post this, but I'm supposed to get my period today, and since about a week and a half ago to 2 weeks ago I've been having brownish discharge, spotting maybe. It looks exactly like right before or right after your period and its the same amount, not heavier or lighter any day since so its very consistant. I'm not sure what it is, or what's going on, any ideas? I'm kind of waiting to see if it goes away after I get my period, assuming I get it at all. And its almost not possible that I would be pregnant because my husband is very strict about using condoms, so I'm almost certain that cannot be it.

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