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When do you take a pregnancy test?
At what point during your cycle do you take a pregnancy test? If you are trying to conceive do you wait the Two Week Wait, or do you start testing earlier? Or, if you're not trying to conceive, how late are you when you start testing?

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Advice please...first time TTC...

Posted by: MVM on Tue Sep 28, 2010

My first post here...I'm hoping there's at least one person out there with the same (or very similar) situation. I really need some insight!

I'm 28 years old (29 in a few weeks!), and last month my husband and I decided to start TTC.

Here's the catch: I was on the Pill since I was a teenager and I stopped in August with my LMP starting on Sept 1. IF my cycle reverts back (immediately) to pre-pill cycles, I have a 30-day cycle. My hubby and I did the deed nearly every day from Sept 15th to 19th. Today, Sept 28th, would put me at approx. 10 DPO but 2 days before expecting AF to visit.

To complicate it all, I also quit smoking cold turkey (after 15 years!) and it's been a full two weeks without it.

I also know that it can take 3 months for your body to regulate after coming off the pill. So I'm aware that the chances are slim.

That being said, I've experienced a multitude of "symptoms" but I can't decipher what's what. Mild bouts of nausea (sometimes not so mild), extreme fatigue during the day but restless at night, very dehydrated but not going to the washroom a lot, clogged on the other end (sorry TMI), twinges in the lower abdomen, etc...

I know I took on too much for my body so quickly but I wasn't going to continue smoking if there was the slightest possibility that I'd have a wee one growing inside me.

Anyways, should I test now, or wait until I'm late...? Any help would be great!

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