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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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early pregnancy symptoms?

Posted by: tootiebug on Fri Oct 1, 2010

Good Morning Ladies! Well, I havent posted in a while so I hope that everyone got their BFP they wanted. So, here's my story. My DH and I have been TTC for months now, seems like years! We have a 9yr old daughter but wanting another, and I do not remember the symptoms I had with her. Many past months we have been disappointed getting the BFN, so we r crossing our fingers this month. I have many symptoms, so I apologize in advance for the TMI! I have a very regular and heavy period, 28 day cycle,and usually down for the whole week. So here r my dates for September.

Sept 4- 10 normal period

Sept 11,13,14,15,16,19,20 BD on these days

Sept 18- OV

Sept 23 small amount of brown discharge, enough to wear a panty liner, only lasted a little while

...this really freaked me out cause I have never spotted 2 weeks before my period was due!

Sept 24 small amount of pink discharge when I wiped

Sept 25 brown discharge again for a little while, nauseaed that night after dinner

Sept 26 SMALL amount of brown discharge only when I wiped, nauseaed after dinner

Sept 27 Stomach so bloated felt like I was carrying my 50lb daughter on my belly, took Pepto and it did not help, cramps, lower back pain

Sept 28 Constipated, extreme lower back pain and cramps off and on, not bad like period cramps, BFN urine test @ Dr. office, nurse said it could be too early

Sept 29 still constipated, slight cramps and lower back pain

Sept 30 woke up at 4am with EXTREME back pain, woke hubby up for massage, "morning sickness" between 7-7:30am, very hungry

October 1 woke up at 5am with more lower back pain, needed another massage :D, "morning sickness" at 6am

So these r my symptoms. My next period is due on October 4, so what do u ladies think? I hope we dont get disappointed again this month.. Wish us luck!

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