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Is your cycle misbehaving? Like your usual N-day menstrual cycle is all of a sudden longer or shorter, or you're spotting where AF should be here in full force, or PMS symptoms but no sign of AF? And has it got you thinking (...pregnant?), or generally confused or stressed or time to call the OB/Gyn? CycleView your cycle!

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Ladies with PCOS, ever experience this?

Posted by: srvixen on Tue Jan 11, 2011

I have PCOS, and the only thing I am taking is Metformin 500mg twice a day. That is to combat the diabetes since my blood sugar was slightly elevated when I went in for a full round of labs.

What I want to know is have any of you, who have PCOS, ever experience a period once every two months?

That is my current cycle that has started back on Nov 19, 2010 after I slipped and fell in the bathroom which caused bleeding to occur. At the time of the fall I was going on cycle day 55 since my period had last started.

The bleeding lasted 10 days and was bright red and heavy most of the time after about 3 days of dark brown old blood. Then in December I didn't have a period although once or twice I had light spotting of pinkish to brown blood but nothing heavy enough to warrant a pantyliner, pad, tampon, or my diva cup. The spotting only lasted half a day minimum, and 1 day maximum. Finally about 4 days ago my period shows up again, this time with lots of painful cramping for 2 days and a very heavy flow.

If anyone who has PCOS has experienced this before I'd be interested in knowing how things ended for you, what you did to regulate this, and have you been successful in TTC and getting pregnant.

Also ... birth control is out of the question, it is against my husband's religion to even consider it.

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