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Anyone in my TTC phase?
Where are you right now in your fertility cycle? Follicular Phase (pre-ovulation)? Ovulation/Fertile Days? Two Week Wait (a.k.a. Luteal Phase)? Or dealing with AF's un-wanted arrival? Cycleview your TTC phase, see who's in your cycle boat.

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Posted by: NotSoSure on Wed Jan 12, 2011

Hello Ladies!

So i am in TTC phase (first month trying). I have been charting my cycles since August '10 and it seems I am running an average of a 30-day cycle. I have asked on here what is considered your first day and some said spotting counted others said it didn't. I went with non-counting theory and am due to OV tomorrow. I was a little late in purchasing an OPK and took a test yesterday for the first time and again today in the afternoon. No LH surge either day. Anyone experienced this? Any advice? How long should I keep testing for? Could I have missed my LH surge?


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