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Contraceptive Choices
From condoms to cervical caps to hormonal rings, patches, and many types of birth control pills, today we have so many contraception options from which to choose!

What birth control do you use? What are your birth control's pros? Its cons? Are you thinking of switching to something else?

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IUD the one for me!

Posted by: MerryB on Fri Apr 13, 2007

I'd asked my doctor about birth control pills before, but she told me it would not be a good idea for me since I have such a close family member (my mother) that was diagnosed with breast cancer and therefore I was at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

I've had the Paraguard IUD for about a year now. I did a lot of research on it before hand so I could be sure it would work for me. It's worked great for over a year now! I don't have to worry about it and don't feel it at all. I don't worry about remembering to take a pill and also the one IUD will last for YEARS! I'm not saying that I'm completely worry-free even if it is 99.9% effective (that pesky 0.1%), but I do feel a lot better knowing I have the IUD. Also, it allows for spontaneity with my fiance.

The drawbacks? Heavier and longer periods (my periods used to last about 6-7 days, now they last about 9-10 days. YUCK!) and of course more intense cramping. The worst part of it is having it inserted. It felt like first day cramping times ten.

Even with those drawbacks, I definitely know the IUD is for me! I'm confident (but not overly so) with it's working ability. I highly recommend it!

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