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When do you take a pregnancy test?
At what point during your cycle do you take a pregnancy test? If you are trying to conceive do you wait the Two Week Wait, or do you start testing earlier? Or, if you're not trying to conceive, how late are you when you start testing?

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I'd rather dream that I cud be pregnant than know early!

Posted by: luckyme on Sun Apr 15, 2007

I'm a Dreamer - I like to live with the hope that I cud be pregnant as we speak!

I agree that I give in and take the pregnancy test 2-3 days before missed periods most of the time. But here is my rational reasion why we shouldn't:

1. Most of the women have anxiety due to PMS before we get our periods

2. If we take an early pregnancy test and it comes out negative we are adding that disappointment to the PMS anxiety and it becomes more tearful

3. Instead, during the two week wait period I tell myself that I could be pregnant, browse baby product websites or read ttc websites where women tell their experience that they had all symptoms of AF before they found out they were pregnant - helps me stay positive that I cud also be pregnant this cycle even when I get my PMS cramps

4. If I eventually do end up getting my periods - I can handle it better because my mood instantly cheers up always since my PMS is over. Even before I started ttc I wud feel an instant surge of relief when my period starts - think it has something to do with the serotonin hormones that get released when u get your periods.

5. Then it is just a matter of 5 more days before we can start trying and thus I can start dreaming that I cud be little bit pregnant as Im tying this.

hey it's not as if I'm gonno have wine to drown my disappointment even if I the pregnancy test says negative, because Im gonna have a littly bit hope that the test was wrong and I cud still be pregnant until I get my AF!!!

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