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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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So confused?! Are these early pregnancy symptoms?

Posted by: budget84 on Thu Mar 31, 2011

Hello all! I was just after some friendly help and advice on other peoples experiences of early pregnancy...

My husband and I have been trying for 5 months now, which isn't that long I know, but it feels a life time when you're living it doesn't it?! Basically I was due AF on Tuesday this week and I haven't come on yet even though it feels like I am going to. However this month I have had a feeling that this would be our month and for the last two weeks I have been experiencing:

* diareah for the first week like I had a bug or something and then constipation this week (sorry if TMI)

* constant nausea and sick cramps and the thought of eating food I usually enjoy makes me feel very ill

* extreme tiredness and lack of energy to the extent where even putting on a load of laundry seems too much!

* sharp random stabbing pains in my ovaries and stomach area

* bloated belly

* first week I was sleeping very deeply which is very unusual for me as I am a light sleeper, but I was sleeping through my husbands alarm every morning which never happens! But now this week I can't sleep properly, keep waking up every half hour!

* Vivid dreams

* Sweating at night

* Bleeding gums when brushing my teeth

* Achy legs especially in my bones

* Last few nights I have been waking up in the night with a sore throat but then when I get up in the morning it disappears during the day but then starts again at night

* Stuffy nose

* Very thirsty

Sorry guys, I know there is a lot there but I thought I would write in detail as I am interested if anyone else has experienced the same sort of things during early pregnancy.

Anyway I was due AF Tuesday and I have had the usual cramps and sore bbs but I have had no bleeding at all yet. I have taken tests but are all negative.

I am interested to hear other peoples stories...did you feel like you were going to have your AF and then it didn't come? I'm going crazy! I so want this to be my month!

Thank you :)

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