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FLuttering or ???? HELP!

Posted by: jayberg on Fri Nov 4, 2011

My post of ONE DAY CYCLE I replied to tonight is basically the same thing I will put here. I had spotting and very light bleeding on OCT 7 and Oct 8th. I spotted brown a few days after. But never during any of it did i have enough to fill a pad. However, for the past 3 weeks, I have been a monster tempermentally. I mean one minute i am happy the other i am a witch. Then Last week I thought I saw Spotting on som TP but I has to do a double check and thought nothing of it. My boobs are sore as hell. I took PT on 10 and 14th day DPO and BFN. I am now feeling like bubbling or a grumbling in my lower abdomen. It is hard to explain. I feel like someone is in there tickling my ovaries. It reminds me of when i was younger and would feel the same thing when i was ovulating. I was supposed to get my cycle yesterday or today and NOTHING. Anyone know what these fluttering or bubble grumbles are? I have 2 kids already but I have pregnancy amnesia. HELP! I know it isn't gas! lol Thanks!

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