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Contraceptive Choices
From condoms to cervical caps to hormonal rings, patches, and many types of birth control pills, today we have so many contraception options from which to choose!

What birth control do you use? What are your birth control's pros? Its cons? Are you thinking of switching to something else?

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Posted by: Catianna on Mon Apr 23, 2007

After my son was born I knew I wanted to wait awhile for another little sweetpea, but I had never taken birth control before. I wanted something I didn't have to remember everyday and I wanted something reversible. My Husband and I chose The IUD. Insertion of the IUD hurt but after some Aspirin I was good to go. We didn't have to wait to have sex like you would with other birth controls. My periods became lighter and eventually didn't come. So I was loving the IUD!!!

After two years with my IUD, my husband and I decided we wanted to have another baby:) I made an appointment and went to see the Doc. Well after about 40 minutes of pain, scraping, embarrassment, the Doctor told me he couldn't locate the IUD strings. "But not to worry its happens a lot." He got up and said we're just gonna have to surgically remove it!

So after me freaking out and crying for the rest of the day due to disappointment of my IUD, the birth control that says it's easily removable. I had surgery to remove the IUD, which was horrible, NO ONE should have to have surgery because of birth control, in March and are now able to start trying for another.

I will NEVER EVER choose the IUD it may have a lot of pros while it's inside doing whats it's supposed to do. But because of what I had to go through just to get it removed , my honey is getting snipped after this one!!!:)

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