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Cycle Perplexities
Is your cycle misbehaving? Like your usual N-day menstrual cycle is all of a sudden longer or shorter, or you're spotting where AF should be here in full force, or PMS symptoms but no sign of AF? And has it got you thinking (...pregnant?), or generally confused or stressed or time to call the OB/Gyn? CycleView your cycle!

68-Day Cycle......What's Going On?!

Posted by: all_that_she_wants on Wed Feb 22, 2012
Hello :)
I'm twenty-three years old, married for three years. We've had two confirmed miscarriages, two suspected within the course of our marriage due to differing rH factors (which makes the possibility of carrying full term, resulting in a healthy baby practically impossible). Anyway, my cycles are normally 39-ish days. LMP was 12/17/2011; I'm on day 68 of my cycle. DH and I had sex on 01/19. My boobs are heavy, I'm dizzy,and I haven't taken a pregnancy test because with my first two pregnancies, a positive did not show up until 10 weeks AFTER my LMP. I know that the possibility is slim, but......I was kinda hoping that it would have worked this time because I'm not sure that we're going to try again. My question is: has this happened to anyone else? Cycles being not-exactly-normal, but with a positive result? Hope this makes sense.
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