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Conception Frustrations II?
If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

TTC since May 2012

Posted by: Rooies on Wed Feb 20, 2013
Hello everyone!!
we've been TTC since May 2012 and still nothing.
I have irregular cycles and they are useually 25 to 29 days. So its extremely difficult to determine ovulation. I do have a little "tell" when I think its that time... I get "middle Pain". So this month my period started on 08 Feb, my hubby and I tried on 16 Feb, and on 17 Feb i started getting the "middle pain", according to the calculations, my Fertile period was supposed to start from the 18th of Feb. so do you think that I might have ovulated earlier? I really hope that this is the case. And do you think that it might be possible for fertilisation to have taken place?
I know I should go see the OB GYN, but its very difficult for me to drive 560Km to the nearest town that has a OB GYN. Any ideas?
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