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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: Shamaramommy on Sep 22, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Could i be pregnant?

my period is a week late and i took a pregnancy test and it said no what else can i do to find out if i am pregnant.

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Posted by: NeedingAnswers on Sep 22, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Maybe or maybe not??

My Husband and I have just recently gotten married we've been talking about kids for a while though. As of today sept 22nd I am 15 days late and i've taken a hpt about 2 weeks ago and it was -. My periods are usually irregular, I've been tracking for 4 months and my average cycle is 34 days last period was aug 4th. I dont know if its due to the wedding stress or if I may be pregnant. the only symptoms if i was would be the very seldom cramping over the last week and sleepiness.

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Posted by: xpaulax on Sep 22, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Yes? No? Maybe? Aaarrrghhh!!!!

As of today (22 Sep), I'm 7 days late, and I've never been late before - AF was due to visit on the 15th.

I've got a few early pregnancy symptoms: late period, tiredness, light cramping, backache, I'm queasy/nauseous, I have heartburn and today, my boobs feel a little bigger and firmer (the left one is also a little tender).

I've taken 3 HPT's - 3 days late: BFN, 5 days late: BFN, and 6 days late: BFN. This is so frustrating.

My BF and I aren't TTC, but we've been together for 5 years and have a home together, we spoke about this when I took the first test, and even though the timing wouldn't be totally ideal, we would both be quite happy.

I got some light cramping around the time AF was due to visit (15th), and a couple of days later, but nothing else, and none of the usual gripes - AF usually floors me (sickness, diahorrea, swollen knees, terrible cramps in stomach and thighs) but I've had none of this.

I just want to know if I am prego or not?

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Posted by: kindhearted on Sep 21, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

I don't know what's going on....

My period is now 8 days late. Yes 8!...I refuse to take a pregnancy test because its expensive..and I'm wondering did my days just change. I usually have my period on the 13th of the month but it has other plans obviously. And, just last night I had really bad cramps for at least a good 30 mins. indicating my period was coming..I go to sleep wake up thinking I have a red sea..and to my surprise. NOTHING!!!...I run to the bathroom thinking, THIS IS IT!!..than nothing!!!..Could my cycle just be changing..I don't have a clue. I'm tired of wasting good pads that could be used for the actually thing..ugh

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Posted by: Junee on Sep 19, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

2 days til I know!

Today was CD 24 of my 26 day cycle. I have been TTC since nov-dec of 2009. So almost a year. I have 1 daughter w/ DH who will be 6 in 2 weeks. I have a "feeling" this may be my BFP, though I've had this "feeling" many times before in the last year! (and have been wrong!)

However, I was looking back at my notes from my last few cycles and noticed I usually start charting CRAMPS (and sometimes acne, muscle aches, and nausea) around days 22-25. I haven't had any cramps except for a faint few this afternoon that actually passed. I do have the nausea right now, which its almost midnight Saturday night and I'm up wondering if I am pregnant...could be I'm making myself sick!

I have heard that if you have things that are opposite of whats "normal" around AF time, it could we will see in 2 days. Dont want to waste $ on a test, so I am going to wait it out I think.

LOBD any advice?

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Posted by: kaki on Sep 14, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

5 days late negative HPT

Hello Ladies,

So I need some advise... my husband & I just decided on TTC last month. I was expecting my AF on the 10th of this month (today being the 14th) I have always been very exact but i took a HPT on the 8th and it was negative then again this morning and it was still negative. I have been feeling mild cramping for a couple of weeks already along with heachahes and lower backaches, not to mention i've been feeling dizzy and tired too. I wanted to know if any of you have experienced the same? was it too soon to test? should I wait to retest if AF still doesn't show up? can it still be possible that maybe I am expecting? HELP!

best wishes to you all TTC!!

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