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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: LaurenSutt on Mar 16, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Light Brown Spotting

My period usually comes on the 32 day of my cycle. All I have had is a little brown spotting (not even enough to wear a pantiliner) and now it's day 34. If I sometimes spot before my period, but it doesn't last 2 days like this.

Has anyone ever experienced this and found they were pregnant? We are trying so I'm just wondering!


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Posted by: andiej79 on Mar 16, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

AF 2 days over due - so frustrating

My cycle is so regular, every single month I get my period like clock work - 28 days, no more, no less.

I'm 2 days late, have sore boobs, twingy cramp like feeling in the low abdomen, and a bit of reflux/heart burn. I just did a test - and for a BFN!!


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Posted by: becalin on Mar 16, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Not sure what's going on!!! 4 days until period due!!

AAAhhh! I'm going crazy!!!

My lmp was Feb 14th, and I have a 34-36 day cycle. So I should be starting again on the 19th of March. I'm going crazy! Starting just 4 DAYS AFTER OVULATION I was nauseous, and had really sore (take your breath away) boobies! I mean they start to hurt and all I can do is hold them against me, they hurt so bad. I've been an emotional basket case!! (which isn't normal for me...except in early pregnancy) My temp stayed up by 1 to 1.5 degrees higher than my normal everyday temp after ovulation. But today it dropped down to almost as low as it is when I'm waiting to ovulate. I didn't have any of those pregnancy symptoms for a day and 1/2 and then tonight my breast are hurting REALLY bad again and all day I've had sharp pains in my low low tummy.

I had these kind of sharp pains in early pregnancy with both my children, but I'm scared it could be just faint cramps starting up before my period. I'm scared! I'm trying to be patient and know that God is in control and he has my babies birthday already planned. But it's so hard not to worry!!!

Any thoughts?? Anyone in my shoes this month? anyone out there waiting to test?

Also, I have the home pregnancy test that work as early as 9 days after ovulation but in my past 2 pregnancies it took a realy long time to get a positive test! I've even had negative blood work when I was actually pregnant! So... I'm just nervous! and needing to hear from you wonderful ladies! Guess I'll know in the next 4 or 5 days if my period doesn't start!!

Praying it doesn't!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Posted by: lozblower on Mar 11, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Any one got any ideas??

My last period was last on Feb 4th, 2 weeks later i had, to put it bluntly, some brown discharge, not heavy enough to use something but there when going to the loo. That was 3 weeks ago now so am a week late. Did pregnancy test last friday and it was negative. I am never late, always 28/29 days max. I have a 5 year old daughter, when i found out i was pregnant with her i was only 2 days late and it was a definate positive result. Not sure what to do, do i wait another week and do another test or do i go to the doctors now??

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Posted by: becalin on Mar 11, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Earliest you have experienced pregnancy symptoms??

What is the earliest ya'll have had pregnancy symptoms?

I am having faint nausea, more annoying nausea tonight. I've had crying spells, and my breasts have been sore a number of times over the last 2 days. I had a negative pregnancy test as late as 3/ I don't think I'm pregnant from last month. But if I got pregnant this month I would only be 3 weeks along. My temp has been up about 1 full degree since ovulation this month. All the signs point towards pregnancy. But it seems WAY too early to be having these symptoms!

Thoughts? Experiences??

Thanks so much!

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Posted by: Tina1125 on Mar 9, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Just not sure...

So I was on Yaz for 7 years and just recently got off. I've been off since January and my period came on time Jan 25th. I have always been regular but I havent had a period since January. I have had unprotected sex during the month of Feb, I have taken about 4 pregnancy tests and they are all negative. I am now about 9 days late. Im not sure if my cycles are messed up because of the BC or if I might be pregnant. The last I had sex was Feb 28 (the day before I was suppose to start) and I am not sure how long I have to wait to know. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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