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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: momagain31 on Jan 31, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

BFP... but confused!

I posted this on another thread, but thought Id post here in case anyone has any advice. I had a BFP yesterday - a very quick result, it showed +ve right away. Well yesterday was CD 25 and my last AF was Jan 6. BDed Jan 20, 21, 22 during OV. So a BFP only 8-10 days later is unlikely. Meanwhile, I was having weird pregnancy symptoms from the day AF started, and if it wasnt for AF I would have tested for sure. But AF came at CD 25 last month, so I never thought i was late and did not test.

Well today I tried the Clearblue with Conception Indicator which tells you how many weeks since conception, and the result was 3+ weeks. That result also came very quickly (like under 1 min). So according to this, I didnt get pregnant during January OV. So now Im confused if I got pregnant during Dec OV (i think around Dec 26). If so, why did AF come. I think the following are my possibilities:

- I was pregnant last month and had a mc and still have the hormones

- I am 7-8 weeks pregnant but had AF at 4 weeks

- I am pregnant with twins (very scary)

Anyone with experience with this, please share! Am hoping to see dr. tomorrow. Thanks!

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Posted by: minimable on Jan 31, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

evaporation line or pregnant?

Hi, I am looking for some advice or opinions on faint lines on a pregnancy test.

I have irregular cycles, normally ranging from 35-50 days and im currenty on cd 34.

at the begining of last week I started to get really crampy and had pains in my breasts, i assumed i was or was due to ovulate so i started using my opk but up untill now i have not had a positive.

Out of curiosity I took a preg test and have done about 10 uptill now. I keep seeing a faint line but im not sure if it is actually a faint positive or if its a evaporation line or my eyes playing tricks.

The latets test i took was this morning and a faint line appeared before the 10 min mark and then it went darker and then light again as the test dried. I took a digital test yesterday and that was negative.

I am so confused now cos I still feel crampy (not period cramps) and also still have sore breasts.

I dont really want to take any more test yet as i feel i may be wasting my money.

any ideas anyone?

ps, i also seen a small amount of brown blood this morning, it was about the size of a raindrop and have had no bleeding since.

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Posted by: carpedeim on Jan 29, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Am I pregnant?

I have been having symptoms that would point to pregnancy for about a week now. This includes breast tenderness, moodyness, nausea, constipation, and frequent urination. My cycle was do today, 1-29-10, and never came. I took a HPT and had teh dark control line, with a very faint test line. Does this mean that I am pregnant? And if so, with such a low level, am I more likely to lose this pregnancy? Any help would be appriciated.

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Posted by: nallie on Jan 27, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Am I or Am I not that is the question

Ok here's the deal I have missed my period it was due about a week ago still not here. I had the Mirena (IUD) in for about a month and had it taken out because of some medical reasons then I got my Period, now this month nothing. I have taken several Wal-Mart preggo test which all come back negative. I can't use any birth control because my body rejects it even Condoms. So we have been super careful since I really don't want to get preggo at this moment with an 11 month old and a 2 year old here! Ugh I called the nurse line and she said something about me ovulating late LOL so not to do it. well since I didn't get my period honestly I have not been very careful and I am not totally convinced I am not Prggers. I have also been queezy recently around lunch time...weird stuff huh? Anyway what do y'all think Please let me know!!!

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Posted by: mama0708 on Jan 27, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

What are my chances....

So I took a Ovulation test and it was positive on the 19th. My husband and I did it the 18-21. What are my chances of being pregnant? We are trying for our 3rd baby and I get pregnant quite easily. I haven't had implantation bleeding yet like I have had in the past, but I got pretty bad cramps last night before bed.

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Posted by: darkred on Jan 26, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Could I be, or am I dreaming?

This has happened once before, sorta.

I had a late period, and it kept skipping months (every two or three months it'd be late and randomly come back), was always abnormally light (my periods are normally normal to heavy flows), just to find out my hormones were playing tricks. I was put on bcp's to regulate my period. The issues i'm going through now aren't the same issues i had with the hormone problem, which is why i'm here.

Well, I was on bcp's for a year and three months. My doctor took me off them because he said he thought I had high blood pressure, which turns out i dont. The last time i used them was, October 31, 2009 (the day i took my last pill).

Well my last period was December 26, 2009. My period is every 28 days. (even after i stopped taking bcp's) I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on January 5th and 6th. I had very light, pink spotting for one day, didnt last to the night, on the 17th. I've also been having mild cramping since the spotting, unlike my normal menstrual cramping which is very sharp and painful. I was suppose to have my period on the 23rd, but AF didn't get that memo.

Some things i've been going through for awhile now: weird food cravings(but thats normal for me), tired, dizzy/light headed, headaches, moodiness, feeling over heated or abnormally warmer from time to time. Every since Jan 16th my breasts have been very sensitive, it's very painful to take off a bra. Even during my period i never have breast pain, not even when i was on the pill.

Could i be pregnant? I won't get to find out through pregnancy test until Feb. 1st, so for now, i'm asking you if it sounds like a pregnancy issue, or is there something else I should be worried about.

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