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Men, Meet Menstruation!

Clearly many of us feel the same way: If the guys don't get it, they can't possibly get menstruation (Male Period Comprehension Poll)!

So, ladies , let's help men understand our monthly cycles a little better. What can you say to help men get it, even if a little bit? And, who knows? Maybe it'll lead to 1 less PMS/period joke told today?

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Posted by: NoBoyToy on Jun 2, 2008
Men, Meet Menstruation!

My Boys

I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but I do have three really close guyfriends. Now when I first met them, if I was upset, little things they would do (like writing "period" to each other on a note to each other) would hint to me that they thought I was on my period. And I would simply tell them, "No, I'm not on my period." They'd just shrug, and it would be over. But now, after knowing me for awhile, I've seen less of those little hints, and more "Are you okay"'s. As they seem to be learning to tell the difference between my "period moodiness" and my just plain "I"m not in the mood". Now, if I don't tell them what's wrong THEN they assume it's my period. Haha.

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Posted by: CW0516 on Mar 29, 2008
Men, Meet Menstruation!

he knows before I do

So I am really lucky in some ways when it comes to my hubby and my period. First of all he usually knows its coming before I do based on my mood swings alone..hahaha I dont know this at the time because he would never dare to say anything about it...he just lets me know how "plesant" I was that week AFTER its over...hes not stupid he says.

I have not always tracked my periods and since my first day is always very little spotting I dont worry about it much...I just keep some panty liners in my purse, thats why I dont know I am about to start. He says that he might want to ring my neck on those days cause I am being so moody but by the next day of it he has an Oprah AH HA!! moment. After that he just trys to stay out of my way, off my radar, and get me my heating pads, water bottles, Midol, Peanut Butter M&M's, and stay quiet.

I have been with him since I was 16 and I am now 28, so I guess normally I would be the one to get the credit for "training" him to be this sweet and sympathetic, but I have not....he has done all of the above on his own....he is just one of the good ones I guess.

However crappy I feel and however uncomfortable he feels we somehow manage to make a good team once a month.....guess Im taking one for the team...LOL

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Posted by: wenbow236 on Feb 28, 2008
Men, Meet Menstruation!


Men, learn your woman's cycle and do a little bit of research and AVOID much unnecessary conflict throughout your lives together! Take a few hours or days or weeks if need be, to learn the female body from a more scientific point of view! Educate yourselves on PMS because it is real and it is here to stay, and making jokes in front of your women will NOT make your male lives us! Try being compassionate and understanding instead. It will earn you many more "Brownie Points"!

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Posted by: Bex87 on Feb 6, 2008
Men, Meet Menstruation!

Men will never know

When i get cranky, my darling boyfriend says

" It cant be rag week already!!"

What a charmer.... Lol but then he does bring kirspy kreme doughnuts when the cramps are bad!!

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Posted by: missmichelle88 on Nov 11, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

men can get it

my boyfriend of 4 years understands how i feel when i first get my period, if i dont feel like going anywhere and just watching tv and relaxing he gets that and its quite nice.i wouldnt say he knows how it feels but he trys to be as helpfull as he can be.he sometimes cracks a joke or two about it b ut in the end it usually makes me laugh and it works!

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Posted by: lauren9988 on Nov 11, 2007
Men, Meet Menstruation!

my man is sooo well trained!

aww im lucky...

im going out with an older guy, who is a STAR when ive got my period. he can tell, day 1, that im crampy, and when we were on vacation in PA during the summer, without being asked or told, went and got me painkillers, and those sticky on heat patches!

unfortunatly, i cant brag that iv trained him well... he came like that! (i suppose i should thank the ex wife for that one!!)

but he is awesome, and will let me curl up beside him and just vegetate... or if i stick the heatpatches to my stomach, and lie on my front, he'l rub my lower back. you've gotta hate the back pain!

Im a rower too, and we had our first regatta of the season yesterday... on day 2 of my period... i know exercise is beneficial, but a 6km race is not! lol! the pain afterwards - i couldnt decide what hurt more.. my cramps or my abs!

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