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Positively Period

Talk menstrual cycle and we talk lots of negatives: period days, cramps, the PMS blues...

But is there anything, or even many things, that you like about your monthly cycles?

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Posted by: nofixedstars on Feb 6, 2007
Positively Period

remember you are powerful

as someone who has had irregular (surprise! it's time!), heavy (is it possible to die of this?), painful-to-the-point-of-fainting, and just plain excessive monthlies, i could go on. but really, i don't mind them! i try to scale back activity as much as possible during my cycles, and concentrate on self-nurturing things which generally take a back seat to nurturing others. but i also simply appreciate the fact that i am a woman, who has this incredible ability to create new life. though i don't wish to have any more children, i still recognize my cycle for what it is---the visible part of an ongoing cycle of fertility. and that, to me, is pretty amazing.

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Posted by: cindyswella on Feb 5, 2007
Positively Period

My built in excuse

my mother let me use my period as an excuse not to do things!! all i'd have to do is whisper cramps or pat my lower stomach and she give me one of of those knowing looks and make my brothers pick up the slack and do my chores saying "your sister's under the weather". my husband is also very cool. i just say 'hon, that time of month' and he gives me my space and helps out more with the kids!

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Posted by: michelle on Feb 5, 2007
Positively Period

no cramping

since i delivered my 2nd child i have not experienced any cramping.

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Posted by: QueenM84 on Feb 2, 2007
Positively Period

After It's over

Well after its over I feel so much better I feel skinnier and a lot lighter. See even though we have to go through it and guys don't we have a natural way to clean ourselves out and because of that I'm not as heavier and sick as I feel as if I didn't get it all the time. I'm sure some of you agree you feel alot less moodier and lighter when your done.

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Posted by: btrflying on Feb 2, 2007
Positively Period

Time out for me

I live my life in the fast lane with almost no time for anything. I made a decision many moons ago to time out just for me when my period starts. I buy myself a gift or schedule something for when my period ends. Mostly it's something small and things I'll use throughout that cycle, like bath gel or a good book. Once in a red moon, it's something extravagant like a massage. Give it a try! You might actually find yourself looking forward to your cycles!

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