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I'm Pregnant!
When you found out you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you told dad-to-be? How did you tell him and was he the first person you told? Did everyone react as you expected?
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I'm Pregnant!
7 months and finally my BFP!!!
7 months and finally pregnant i cant believe it!!!!! I took a digital clear blue easy test this morning before work and wasn't expecting it to be positive!!! I then ran into the bedroom and woke up my sleeping husband who is now awake and watching the news!!! I have been having symptoms a little nausea, moodiness, and some cramping like af is coming but she never did. I am now 4 days late!!! I m so excited we found out on thanksgiving morning!!!
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I'm Pregnant!
10 months & finally got a Positive !!! AAAARRRHHHH
i Came off the Pill Jan 2009, being trying for 10 months and it finally happened this month - i couldn't believe it !!!

Last month i was 2 wweks late - then came on and was Gutted, Meanwhile my Brother's best Mate, My Best Mate, my work Mate and my Hairdresser all told me they were Pregnant !!!! Not fair..... BUT

This month i got a Positive - I ran into the bedroom Sunday Morning and said to my fella "Your gonna be a Dad" then started crying, then Ran downstairs and said to my Mum - Your gonna be a Gran-ma.....

i'm so excited and so is all my Family - i'm only 5 weeks so haven't been to the Doc yet and can't tell anyone (but family) But Come New Years Day, i'll be 11 weeks then i'm gonna tell the world.... So baby dust to everyone - Try not to stress, i think thats what held me back - Make love from Day 12 - 20 (every other day) and you'll hit the right spot like i did - Good Luck xxx

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I'm Pregnant!
BFP this morning!!! Yay!
After 7 months of trying I finally got my BFP this morning.

I'm still in shock!

Thank you to everyone who supported me through this crazy roller coaster and I'm hoping for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

LOBD everyone and don't give up!

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I'm Pregnant!
BFP and Symptoms
So I am starting to believe i am absoulutly blessed!! This is my first month off of the pill in 8 yrs and just got 4 bfp!!! yes 4 lol thats how many it took to make me believe it! My Husband is our of town working on the rigs so i cannot reach him!!! Im going crazy. I did confide in my best friend and im so excited.

I want to thank everyone for there support on my 2ww and want to send mega baby dust to all the ladies waiting on their BFP. I now understand the struggles of wanting something so bad and being impatient and my heart goes out to anyone with problems conceiving.Best of luck!!

Here are some symptoms i had (i Love reading these!!)

since 4dpo- cramping little diff then AF (tugging, stabbing streching)

day 8po-very tired, waves of nausea and felt really depresses

day 10po-heavy heavy boobs, felt different, vivid dreams since conception!! neg test

Day 11- extreme dizziness, threw up do to headache NEG test

Day 12-sore sore sore boobs, light cramping

Day 13 BFP!!!!

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I'm Pregnant!
Thank you GOD we're finally Pregnant
After 9 months of trying my Husband and I are happy to say we are having a baby. GOD's timing is the best timing and he came through for us. We are so excited especially my Husband because this is his first child, I already have two from previous relationships. Those of you still trying don't give up, don't quit, try not to get discouraged, and most of all leave it in GOD's hands.
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I'm Pregnant!
wow. in shock!
on 10/5/09 we TTC and I O'ed on 10/6. During the whole month I tracked every detail of what I felt.

On 10/20 I was due for AF and didn't get it and instead got a faint BFP. 4 hours later had blood drawn and I didn't get the results until 10/26 (office closed). I had 2 BFN's and 3 days of bleeding. On 10/26 I was told I had a low level of HCG. (like 1.19 low) They wanted me to retest which I did on 10/27 and on 10/28 it was confirmed - NEGATIVE.

I chalked it up to a chemical pregnancy.

I ovulated right on queue on 11/3 (or 4) and didn't even have sex until the 7th. We have NOT been TTC. We use the "withdrawing" method and have done so for a year without fail.

On 11/18 I was due for AF. No sign. Figured maybe my cycle was off but still it didn't make sense if I O'd on time.

Today, 11/20 I pulled out my last POAS and at 2:40 am found two lines!

I am completely baffled! I don't know if I'm 4 weeks or 8 weeks!

In total shock...especially after this past month the only "symptoms" have been sore breasts, a horrible head cold virus (which I was on meds for), a mild cold sore and yesterday I came down with oral thrush (I thought from the antibiotics!)


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I'm Pregnant!
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