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I'm Pregnant!
When you found out you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you told dad-to-be? How did you tell him and was he the first person you told? Did everyone react as you expected?
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I'm Pregnant!
5 days late and BFP !!!!!
I found out on December 16th,2010[I posted it on the early symptoms page instead of this one]but any way,I was 5 days late with AF when my husband and I decided to test and it was positive.we were shocked and excited and I was very nervous..I was pregnant in 2008 and miss carried during my 5th or 6th week,it was so emotional for me,but with that pregnancy,I took like 4 tests,before i got my faint positive and had no nausea or vomiting or swollen or sore breasts,then,so getting past my 12th week,this time I felt more at ease,plus all the vomiting and breast tenderness and swelling were great signs for me,too.I am now on week 16 and feeling great!!I had 1 ultrasound done at 12 weeks and everything looked wonderful,my due date is August 20th,2011,my next ultrasound is about 10 days away and possibly a peek at the gender,although,thats not the important thing to me, but the health and well being of my new bundle is my top priority..I'll keep everyone updated.Is anyone else in their 16th week??
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I'm Pregnant!
I took a test this morning got a faint positive went to the doc and had a blood test done and IM PREGNANT!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! WE ARE GONNA HAVE A PUMPKIN BABY!!!!
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I'm Pregnant!
We just found out we are PREGNANT
We decided to begin trying this month (January 2011) for #3, well I ovulated on 19th/20th and sex on teh 19th, then had cramping and nausea and pelvic pressure beginning the 22nd (never had any of those symptoms with other 2 pregnancies). went to the doctor and they said that they could not tell why but they took an U.S. and said that it might have been a cyst that burst but nothing shows now on my ovaries I just have fluid in my uterus. Well Feb 3rd came and went with no period so I tested and I am PREGNANT, YEAH YEAH YEAH, we always seems to get pregnant in the month that we try but I was a couple of years younger I figured since I am in my ealy 30's it might take some time like upwards of 6 months but nope we did it this month, we are so happy and excited I told hubby as soon as I found out, we now are going to have to get a bigger car and get a house.
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I'm Pregnant!
Concieved after Ectopic
BFP!So thrilled and yet so scared. This will be my sixth time PG; though the last was ectopic, and I've had two other MC; this is a little aprehensive to say the least. As for telling him? He noticed my boobs geeting bigger pretty much when I did so that's cool. We're just trying to stay positive and not think it to death. Already made an appt and I'm very excited. Baby dust to all the others struggling through any conception after... issues.
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I'm Pregnant!
Pregnant With #2....Scared But Extremely HAPPY!
My husband and I have a baby girl who just turned 7 months on the 20th of January. I was starting to have the same symptoms I had when i was pregnant with her. So last Thursday I took 3 pregnancy test which all had a bfp! We both feel so blessed and cant wait for the new baby but I cant help but feel scared. Im more worried about my daughter, I kind of feel like im taking her time with just us away from her. That maybe she wont feel as loved because right now she has all of our attention. Has anyone else had these feelings? How am I going to be able to split my time between the two when both are going to need me?!?
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I'm Pregnant!
Looks like WHAT is that a POSITIVE??????
Well here goes. I have 2DS one just turned 3 the other will be 2 in May and we were not trying. I do want a 3rd but not until 2012 However AF if 6days late and between yesterday and today i've taken about 5 tests ALL the same a very very very faint positive so faint though that I am not convinced. I will probably go broke testing before I really accept it. I'm scared out of my mind I know I can do I just wasn't ready is all. I'll be testing again in a couple of days I just need a more defined positive before I REALLY accept it.

BD to all!

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I'm Pregnant!
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