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Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Which PMS symptoms do you get? Are your symptoms tolerable or really disruptive? How do you deal with PMS, and what, if anything, helps you the most?

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Posted by: laina24 on Dec 2, 2008
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

my husband gets pms empathy??

i know girls sometimes get pms empathy but get this, do does my husband! we have both noticed that he gets pms when i do. well, he obviously doesn't have breast tenderness or any of the physical symptoms but he gets really moody and emotional during my pms. sucks for him! though i have to say i like a man who suffers with me! hehe. anyone else experience this with your man?

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Posted by: rawtoast on Nov 16, 2008
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

"Ghost period"

I get what I call my "ghost period" about two days before it actually comes. That's when I feel exactly like I am on my period... the cramps, the accompanying crankiness, it even feels like I am bleeding... so I rush to the bathroom and find absolutely nothing. It comes and it goes for a day or two before I begin my actual period. I was just wondering if any other women experienced this or if I am totally mental?

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Posted by: Rio on Oct 29, 2008
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

I thought this was an interesting idea

My Aunt taught me a really cool trick, for when I'm suffering from PMS. She'd read an article that said to help combat your symptoms, you should get some peppermint candy or gum. I went & got myself one of those starlight mints, & I was amazed at how well it worked. I also make sure to carry peppermint gum to help out, if I can't get the candy.

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Posted by: felixandme on Oct 20, 2008
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Don't hate me cause I'm lucky!

Thankfully, I have been blessed with rarely a symptom. I may get a cramp or a bit of a mood swing on the occasion, but they're mild. I try to always be aware of my effect on others and hate when women treat others badly and then blame it on "It must be that time..." It's not an excuse to be a _itch. Though I must confess, I think my friend works hers to her full advantage...she misses a full week of work, laying in bed with her husband and children at her beck and call? Her daughter's do it during their times as well, missing school. EVERY time? ALL the women in the family? Someone needs to see a doctor.

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Posted by: Hermione on Sep 25, 2008
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Oooh, the stress!

I am a natural worry-wart. I worry about everyone, I worry about everything. I'm a good listener, so people tend to talk to me about their problems, which stresses me out because I'm worrying, and trying to help and...BAH! Thus, I have a lot....a LOT of stress in general. Usually, I'm pretty capable of handling it. But when it's getting close to That Time, I totally end up freaking out. I feel SO bad for my DH, because he takes the brunt of it, since I'm so busy trying to not let anyone else see how bothered I am. Crying is a common occurrence, and I'm seriously just not happy. I also get the sore boobs, the fatigue (sometimes -very- severe, since I'm also anemic and have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and cravings. My cravings change every so often. It started out as chocolate and cheesy Doritos, went to Sunny Delight, then cereal...but I've found that if I make sure I don't indulge in the cravings, I don't have cramps! If I do, however, my cramps are so debilitating.

My stress-level sky-rocketing is the worst, though. I -hate- feeling like that. Even my husband said "You're going to put yourself in the loony bin if you keep letting yourself get so stressed."

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Posted by: filli1 on Sep 19, 2008
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

the crazy-making time

I don't just have PMS, my doctor agrees with me that it's PMDD. Pre menstrual dysmorphic disorder. This means I have all the PMS symptoms, but they are so bad they disrupt my life. I started tracking periods on here about 5 years ago and it has been a real eye opener. I have always been very irregular but now I can see patterns. Definitely behavioral ones! Ovulation occurs and from then until the period strikes I become a monster (irritable, on edge, bloated, feel ugly, act ugly...) then my period arrives and I have to go around apologizing like it's the morning after. I'll be fine during the period (cramping and stuff, but at least I feel sane) but then after the period stops I will be grouchy again for a few days! I don't get that part. But then I'm okay until ovulation. It seems to be getting worse over the years - I am 43 now. Have tried it all - BC (different types - just makes it worse) different types of antidepressants, natural remedies, cutting out all caffeine, all dairy, little to no sugar, salt, low fat, alcohol, really nothing seems to make this better!

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