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SAHM or Working Mom?

Did you (or will you) stop working and be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)? Why or why not? Any regrets in your decision, like do you find yourself wanting to go back to work, or in the middle of a meeting do you wish you were home instead? What would you tell other mom-to-bes who are considering being a SAHM - do it or not?

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Posted by: brianasmommy on Jun 21, 2008
SAHM or Working Mom?


I really wanted to be a SAHM, thought while I was working I didn't see how that would be possible. My husband and I were just making it on two incomes. However when my five year wait to become a mom was over, I did get to stay home. At first things were tight financially. But we have made it work. I have decided to watch my sisters two children for a little extra money, which helps a lot. Plus my sister has a dependable sitter. I would not change a thing. My baby and I get to bond everyday. I wouldn't want to miss any of her firsts (crawling, walking, talking). Though money is a little tight I would not give this up for anything. After all my daughter is priceless!!

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Posted by: djsixtrip on Jun 11, 2008
SAHM or Working Mom?

No Choice

When I have a child, I would love more than anything to be a SAHM. I really have no choice in the matter though. My husband and I have a good living together, but with the expenses of a child and my not working we would not have enough money to make it.

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Posted by: momandmore on Jun 9, 2008
SAHM or Working Mom?

Working Mom's view

I was finishing my degree when I had my son, and so was lucky enough to have a flexible enough schedule to be able to study and be home with him a lot of the time, trading hours with my shift-working husband. So I got to experience the joys of being at home, with some of the benefits of adult pursuits as well. When I graduated and found full-time employment, I was lucky to find one of the best daycare centres - caring, supportive, loving to my son! I felt blessed. Because he was an only child I appreciated that he got to spend time with so many other children, which made working less guilt-inducing. With my next child (hopefully) I will be staying at home for a year, because we have 93% paid leave. After that I will return to work. I know it will be hard, but I look at earning a pension and benefits, as well as contributing with my work, as worthy pursuits. I am also fortunate to have flexible hours where I can take certain days off with my child if I need to, which makes working an easier choice.

Aside from my standard of living with mortgage payments and car payments, and so on, I would not want to give up my pension and have to look forward to my children possibly having to support me in the future.

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Posted by: Myst279 on May 28, 2008
SAHM or Working Mom?


My son is almost 4 years old. We have money problems. Having a child is expensive but right now I am a sahm. Some times I work sometimes I dont. My husband is almost finished with school so soon he'll have his career and I will definetely be back in school. I enjoy being at home with my son. It satisfies me taking care of my son and having the bond that we have. But there are times that I get bored and money gets tight so I work at a part time job sometimes and then a few months later I'll be back at home with my son. Either way, whether you are working and then coming home to your child or staying with your child all day its full time once you have kids. Theres nothin wrong with either way as long as you and you partner and your kids are happy and making it work.

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Posted by: light4eternity on May 28, 2008
SAHM or Working Mom?

SAHM good for the freespirit, creative and crafty

I personally love being a SAHM because I like to take the time to cook special meals for my husband and I enjoy baking bread, trying new recipes. I also love to sew and garden. Occasionally I like to pick up a paint brush and decorate my home with my special delicate pieces of artwork. Being at home alows me to do the creative things I love to do. I plan on building a website so that I can possibly sell some of my delicacies. Also I love taking the time to read to my little baby and teach.

My freespirit lifestyle does not fit very well into the 9-5 corporate world. Although I can be organized and efficient with my time, I hate being bothered by others who regulate when I can and cannot eat, sleep, drive my car etc. I like being the boss of my own hours. I would say that to be an effective and efficient SAHM, you need to keep an efficient personal schedule....otherwise you will get bombarded with boredom and wish to return to work due to the creation of anxiety and depression.

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Posted by: mattnbrit565 on May 22, 2008
SAHM or Working Mom?

You don't only have to be a milk machine.

I never wanted to be a stay at home mother. You love your children very much, but it becomes very deppressing being at home all day. I was going crazy. There was days where I wouldn't step foot outside, and I wouldn't talk to anyone during the day. I know being a mother is a very important job, but it was not all I wanted or needed in my life. Since I have been back to work, I am much happier. I get to interact with people my own age, and I get to work on projects that don't involve macaroni and glue. The bottom line is, if your not happy being a stay at home mom, then your kids won't either. Nobody wants a depressed mama. Plus day care is a really great experience for children especially when they are an only child, and you arn't very creative (like me).

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