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SAHM or Working Mom?

Did you (or will you) stop working and be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)? Why or why not? Any regrets in your decision, like do you find yourself wanting to go back to work, or in the middle of a meeting do you wish you were home instead? What would you tell other mom-to-bes who are considering being a SAHM - do it or not?

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Posted by: severio on Oct 29, 2007
SAHM or Working Mom?

Single to SAHM

I have been a single mom for almost 6 years now. I finally found a wonderful partner in life that allows me to be a SAHM by fully supporting my family on his income. It is like a miracle for me and my 2 boys. I was fearful that my children were going to suffer the came fate as my sisters 3 boys and be latch-key kids and never get t o spend time with their mother. I was working my fingers to the bone not getting child support from my ex-husband(even though I paid $5,500 for a divorce order that ordered him to pay child support and 1/2 of your marital debt of which he hasn't paid any either). I am now beginning to enjoy homeschooling my 7 year old and able to keep up on interests of mine that I would have never had the time or strength to keep up with alone. I love it and although there can be times where I am still worn out, I would not trade it for the world.

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Posted by: kimbo1977 on Oct 27, 2007
SAHM or Working Mom?

Being a mom

I had a baby very young, i was just shy of my 18th birthday. I got married and stayed at home. I love it. I love being at home with my 4 children. I can not imagine not being there with every first.

I do not object to women having babies and working if they need to, but i do feel that women who work should also spend as much times as possible at home.

There is no other person in the world better for a child than its parents.

I will never work. I am 30 now and my youngest child is 3, my role is to look after the children and the house and to feed my man who is working hard.

I dont regret my choices. I would advise all women to stay at home if its not 100% needed for them to work. Or if they really need to do something part time work is an option, but No1 priority should be the children at all times.

Choices have to be made in life and no one should judge another.

Good luck to all SAHM and all working MOMS

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