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TTC After M/C

Are you trying to conceive after one or more miscarriages? How long did you (or will you) wait until TTC again? Who or what has been helpful to you during your difficult time: faith, the support of your partner/friends/families (or did you find them unable to relate?), others who you now found out also m/c'd...

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Posted by: ju1es22 on Sep 17, 2010
TTC After M/C

Not again advice need!!

Hi Lady's

This is my story!

I got married to my Husbby of 18 months last March. We talked about kids early on in the relationship and knew we both wanted them and wanted them together!

We decided around June/July 09 time to try for our 1st baby!I knew it'd take time for my cycle to get back to normal.After 5 months i got caught in November only to miscarry at 5-6 weeks which was heartbreaking!

Stupidly i didn't think about the risk and got caught straight away to again miscarry at 5-6 weeks i cannot explain how low that made me feel!

After all the heartbreak i decided to take the pill for a couple of months(stopped April time)I drove my poor hubby mad every month around ovulation week. We went away for 2 weeks(end of June just after my AF)

We forgot all about ovulation and enjoyed our hols and i got pregnant,we were amazed and nervous!

All ok until 8 weeks when i had some pink spotting,i was rushed in for an early scan, we were nervous but we got to see our little blob and its heartbeat, i felt so much better and began to think all would be ok!

At 11 weeks (just under 14 days ago)i started spotting pink blood, i was rushed in for a scan next day(the spotting had stopped at that point)to be told the baby was there but there was no heart beat and mesured at just over 10 weeks (my baby had died the previos week)! My world felt like it was falling apart!

To lessen the risk of infection i was scheduled in for a d & c the day after! That day was the worst i've ever experienced!

The thing thats kept me going insane is the fact there now doing tests to see if there anything wrong with me and hubby!

Now i don't know what to do, should i take the gynies advice and wait for my period and try again, or wait a while! Me and hubby want to try again and physically im nearly over this, emotionally i won't be ok untill i get to 12 weeks and see all is ok!

Any advise would be appreciated!

Take Care x

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Posted by: claudinha on Sep 15, 2010
TTC After M/C

Had 1baby used depo 2x and m/c at 6w in april! TTC...

First of all Lots of Baby Dust to all of us.

I'm currently on my 3 month TTC after my 6 weeks pregancy m/c in early april. I have a 17 month old baby. Anyone with tips of how to keep going!! My second pregancy was a complete suprise as I had used the depo shot 2x after my first baby. I stop in early nov, as i knew it could take 6-18 months before I would be able to conceive again. So I ended up pregnant faster then once thought to only later find out it was ectopic and for that reason I m/c. Now has anyone experience the same? how long it took u to conceive again after m/c? How ab after using the depo?

Thanks for the support!

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Posted by: chrissyb on Sep 11, 2010
TTC After M/C

Trying to Concieve after 10 months

I found out I was pregnant in last year. This was my first pregnancy and my boyfriend and I were so excited. I went to every doctor's appointment without any problems. The day after my last doctor's appointment (two weeks shy of being 6 months pregnant)I was rushed to hospital where I was told that I had already started labor and that there was nothing that could be done to stop it. As you can imagine, we were heartbroken for a very longtime. My fiancee (proposed to me Christmas day) and I started TTC over three months after losing our son. We have now been TTC for about five months now with no success. We decided to wait that long because we wanted to be able to give ourselves time to cope with the situation that occurred. I don't think I could have made it through this tough time without him and my family members. I consider myself blessed that I have this wonderful support system.

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Posted by: Mdg628 on Sep 8, 2010
TTC After M/C

TTC immediately after Early M/C

Is it okay to try again immediately after early miscarriage? Any particular reason why one must have a few cycles before trying again? Has anyone had success this way? Also, was your ovulation signs different then normal, example less EWCM or did your cycle length change? Sorry for all the questions!

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Posted by: BBBlues1 on Sep 6, 2010
TTC After M/C

Six months of TTC and no luck

Hi, I'm Debbie and I'm 41. I have one son who just turned seven. It took us 15 months to get pregnant with him. We started TTC in October of 2009, and were thrilled in early January to discover we were pregnant after only three months of trying. Given my age, we'd never expected that things would be easier. Unfortunately, when I went in for an ultrasound at week 10, there was no heartbeat. The pregnancy had stopped progressing at around 7 1/2 weeks, but I had no symptoms. Since my body wasn't dealing with it by itself, I went in for a D&C a week later. That was in February, and we've been TTC again since March, with no luck. Given my age, I'm really nervous that this is going to be difficult if not impossible. To add to things, the last couple of months my cycles have been abnormal. I usually run from 28 to 30 days on average, but my last two have been 26 and 24 days. Also, my periods have suddenly shrunk in length from a full week to around four days long. I have no idea what's happening.

I wish I could discuss this with a doctor, but my husband has been unemployed for quite awhile and we have no health insurance. In fact, for a long time we didn't TTC because of our situation... it seemed crazy to TTC when our lives were so financially unstable. In the last year or so, though, we've felt like we really needed to start TTC again regardless of finances, because we have a wonderful family and can always get help if we get pregnant, but if we wait so long that I am no longer able to conceive, well... that can't be fixed. So I'm stuck with no medical input, which is frustrating, given that it's been six months of TTC since the miscarriage. I know this is the time that you would normally check with a doctor for fertility issues, but I can't. I just have to keep trying. I'm going to start charting as of my next cycle... until now I've just been tracking my period and trying to cover a wide spread of potentially fertile days.


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Posted by: StaceyC on Aug 26, 2010
TTC After M/C

Baby Please!?

First of all I want to wish every one the best of luck on their journey through this difficult time. And also my deepest sympathies for those of you that have lost a baby.. It is nothing that you can get over easily. You are all in my thoughts and prayers... Here is my story. In December of 2009 we found out that we were expecting our first baby. Things were progressing normally. In March of 2010 I went in for what I thought was a normal prenatal check-up. The dr could not find the baby's heartbeat.(remind you it has been heard at previous ones before) So, i was sent to the hospital for an u/s. They confirmed that there was not a heartbeat and that I was going to m/c. That was the most devestating news as we had been TTC for over 2 years. I lived the next 6 days as a prisoner in my house, waiting to see if my body was going to naturally m/c. I did not. So, I went back to the dr and was sent on my way to a bigger hospital to deliver this baby..(we live in a rural farming community) I was far enough along that I was induced and labored and delivered what would have been our first son. Later that night I ended up have a D&C. It has now been almost 6 months and we have been TTC for about 3 months now with no luck. Has anyone had any luck getting pregnant after a m/c and if so do you have any words of adivce? Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated! BABY DUST to all! God Bless you all not only on this day, but tomorrow and always!

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