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Conception Frustrations II?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: summerdawn724 on May 16, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

TTC after LEEP

Ok, my I've been TTC for about 3-4 months now, and beginning to get really frustrated. My recent worries are that a LEEP procedure I had done in January 2009 may be the problem. I also had an abortion just months before the LEEP, in October 2008. Has anyone else experienced either but still been able to conceive? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you and luck to you! :)

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Posted by: hiddenme on May 14, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

We want this to be the month PLEASE HELP

For the last year my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. We dont try every month but more like we try for a few months and then stop because we get disappointed. We started trying again in February, and still have not had any luck. My period in April came early but was pretty light, and now this month it came on time but had been very light until today got heavier with really bad cramps. My period usually last 4 to 5 days and this is day 5 so not sure why it got heavier now rather then at the beginning of the week. We really want this month to be the month we conceive, looking for feed back and maybe some ideas of how we can help move this along. I started taking an ovulation test as of yesterday morning thinking it was the last day of my period, we purchased one of the daily ovulation test kits to see if that may help us pinpoint the right time. We have been having unprotected sex for 4 years now, and all my friends seem to just get pregnant by mistake, so this is killing me. Any information that you think might be helpful let me know!! Thank you

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Posted by: WishinandHopin on May 6, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Lost - no idea whats up with this cycle

Ok I way confused!
CD 9-15 I had watery CM but no eggwhite
CD 11 got a + on OPK (at least i was pretty sure)
Per my temps (first month of checking) I OVd on CD 13
Looking back at my last few months I start seeing Eggwhite CM on CD 13- 15

So all of this adds up to what seems to be pretty good signs that I Ovd on the 13/4, right?

CD 23 eggwhite/watery CM
CD 24 watery CM
CD25 eggwhite CM & +OPK
and today CD26 watery CM and +OPK

What the heck is going on with me. I know you can't OV twice in one month but something is up. My normal cycle is 29 days so surely its not possible for me to OV so late, right?

Any one have insight?

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Posted by: sallyfly on May 4, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

slight cramping 7dpo

had twinges in left side ovary on 27th april which was my date of ovulation according to my charts. the last 3 days or so ive been having what feels lyk a slight cramping sensation in the left side of my uterus/ovary (that area) im now 7dpo, anybody had similar feelings, or know what it could be? thanx in advance for any advice xxxx

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Posted by: BabyBlues82 on May 1, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Still Have The Baby Blues..

I am 28 yrs. old and have been TTC off and on for 3 yrs. now. I went to my OBGYN in 2007 and was hit with shocking news that it would take me longer to have another baby. She gave me pills to take to help my eggs fully fertilize, but those made me sick and nauseated. I have a 6 yr. old son and really would love to have another healthy baby boy/girl. It gets so frustrating because I'm only getting older and I would go to a specialist but the cost is too expensive. My mom took Geritol back in 1981 to help her to conceive with me. Does anyone know anything else that would help?

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Posted by: Jennifer1983 on Apr 30, 2010
Conception Frustrations II?

Possible miscarriages....low progesterone?

We've been TTC for three cycles. I always cycle like clockwork (28-29 days) and the last three cycles have run long...33-35 days with abnormal cramping. The first cycle, I got a faint positive but may have m/c. I didn't bother testing these last two cycles, trying to be patient and let nature show me. But I've had such awful periods that I can't help but think I miscarried all three cycles! I am very frustrated! I ovulate late in my cycle, about 11 days before AF, and I've read that could be a sign of low progesterone, which can cause early miscarriages. I am tired of the pain of TTC at this point because I am afraid it will never stick! Is there any natural ways of increasing progesterone? I don't want to go the medical route...I never trust doctors because there are always terrible side effects with what they offer. Any advice, ladies??? Thanks so much! *Mega TONS of baby Dust!!!*

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