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Anyone in my TTC phase?

Where are you right now in your fertility cycle? Follicular Phase (pre-ovulation)? Ovulation/Fertile Days? Two Week Wait (a.k.a. Luteal Phase)? Or dealing with AF's un-wanted arrival? Cycleview your TTC phase, see who's in your cycle boat.

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Posted by: talleygirl on Apr 12, 2011
Anyone in my TTC phase?

could I be pregnant or is my body playing tricks?

Hello ladies,

according to my Estimated Ovulation day this month if I were to get pregnant I would be due on Christmas eve. So we were going to wait to start TTC until next month. But we weren't all that careful we did the BD several times both on and around my ovulation day. Normally when I ovulate I have cramps for 2 days the day of and the day after but I had cramps for 5 straight days this time, and off and on every day since I am now 8DPO and I am thinking that I may have gotten pregnant. YIKES oops I am anxious to start POAS this will be our 3rd baby 4th pregnancy(had a MC in Jan11) I know its early to see symptoms but I swear I am feeling some things starting with the cramps also my nipples are very tender and some twinges in my breast also they are already looking a little fuller. Maybe body is playing tricks on me but I don't know. has anyone had symptoms this early before?

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Posted by: girlie02 on Apr 10, 2011
Anyone in my TTC phase?

6 Days post Varicocele surgery!

**17 mnths TTC...DH-Low T-Clomid 8 wks...Varicocele Surgery 4/4/11**

Mixed emotions: Just found out a close co-worker of mine TTC for 6 mnths is pregnant! DH surgery 4/4 found out co-worker news 4/8...whewww so glad the week is over!

Anyways...It's been a few weeks since I've posted on here! My husband had his varicocele surgery April 4th. Everything went as expected. Surgery was outpatient approx 1/2 day and back home. DH was in a bit of pain the day of surgery and day after, but doing well now. He still has a bit of swelling, but other than that he's doing well and ready to start trying again this month!

My DH is also in week 8 of taking Clomid for his low Testosterone (170ish). He did bloodwork the week before surgery and the results came back with a T level in the 840's! Yay! His urologist advised for him to cut back to taking the meds only 5 days a wk instead of the normal 7...It will take a full 3 mnths before we see a change in sperm count from surgery...but hopefully the meds along with surgery will give us that extra boost we need to get pregnant! Baby dust to all :)

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Posted by: adena on Apr 4, 2011
Anyone in my TTC phase?

Hope this is our month

Well AF arrived in full swing on Friday April 1st:( I was so upset b/c I really thought it would work and it didn't. I know I have to try and keep positive, but it is hard. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it happens this month for us.

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Posted by: angie16 on Mar 21, 2011
Anyone in my TTC phase?

Anyone become prego from BDing the day before OV

OK so I had a positive opk surge and everything for yesterday (sunday), the thing is my DH left for business that day. So the only BD that happened was smack in the middle of the night ( sat night/ sunday morning). Now i was hoping everything would stay put until the egg released.

However this afternoon i got a large amount of cm all eggwhite and such. Did I read my monitor wrong? My temps went up this morning too. I'm jut confused as to why the cm went crazy the day after my apparent OVing.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or has anyone gotten prego from just BDing the day before you OVed?

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Posted by: NotSoSure on Mar 15, 2011
Anyone in my TTC phase?

Waiting to OV

Hello everyone,

So this is my second month TTC and second month using the CBEFM. Last month the monitor told me i was in high fertility starting at CD10 until CD19 when it detected the LH surge and reached peak. I was backing up my tests with an OPK to make sure I wasn't missing my OV and it detected the LH in the afternoon of CD18. I thought I OVed much earlier and in previous cycles i probably did as usually I had a clockwork 30day cycle. Of course as soon as I started TTC my cycle changed. Grrr!! Last month turned into a 33day cycle. This month I got a high fertility reading on CD12. I am at CD16 and no peak yet. If the CBEFM is doing its job i should get peak tomorrow (they usually say 1-5 days of high before peak once it gets to know you). Backing up with an OPK just to make sure it doesn't miss it.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, just wanted to share my data in case anyone is thinking of getting the CBEFM and I want to commiserate with all you ladies out there who are frustrated because all of a sudden out of the blue our cycles decide to change when we are ready to TTC. Just to make things more complicated!!!!

LOBD to you all!

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Posted by: Rachsuzanne on Mar 14, 2011
Anyone in my TTC phase?

TWW may end with disappointment

Hello All...TWW here.

I've never had a very consistent cycle. I have hypothyroidism, so my cycle can range from 35-40 days long. On a 35 day cycle, AF would have come yesterday. I've sort of got my hopes up due to some symptoms that I've been having. The last week I've had some nausea, overly sensitive nose (nearly lost it in the dog food aisle yesterday at the grocery), tender bbs, lower abdominal pressure, headaches, restless legs and a few others. My BBT has consistently been well above my crossline until this morning. I'm hoping that it's a one off and my temp will be back up tomorrow.

I'm going to be so disappointed if all of my symptoms were either PMS or worse...psychosomatic.


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